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Osteoporosis and bone diseases related conferences in Europe USA

Osteoporosis and Bone diseases related conferences in Europe: en 2024: Scientific-practical conference «Topical issues vertebroneurology» Septiembre 15-16, Scientific symposium with international participation «Modern aspects of surgical endocrinology. Role ofphysician-endocrinologist «Septiembre 29-30, Scientific and practical conference with international participation «Modern research in orthopedics and Traumatology «Octubre 6-7, Scientific and practical conference Leer más…

terapia con células madre en Ucrania

2019 Clinical Pharmacology International Congress

Clinical Pharmacology 2019 2019 Dubai, United Arab Emirates THEMES AND COVERAGE Clinical Pharmacology Drug Discovery Bio-inspired Pharmacology Cancer-targeted Drugs and Pharmaceutical Approaches Pharmaceutical formations and Retraction for Rare Disease PLAN TO ATTEND AND PRESENT A LECTURE Parallel sessions and lectures by reputed and well-known specialists Receiving specialties Leer más…

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