Current problems of gastroenterology and abdominal

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Conference Description


10.00 Gastroenterology lectures:

• New in gastroenterology and hepatology and Coloproctology.

10.30 • Dysbacteriosis intestinecurrent status of the problem. Round Table.

10.45 Omeprazole VS Pantoprazole in gastroenterology

11.30 Acid disorders. The algorithm of the physician

Chronic pancreatitis: what’s new in diagnosis and treatment?

The functional gastrointestinal disorders

11.40 Choosing a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome

12.10 Digestive diseases and early diagnosis of cancer and metabolic syndrome

12.30 Videocapsule endoscopy for the diagnosis of tumors of the digestive tract bleeding

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00 Abdominal Surgery

• Advances in abdominal surgery.

14.30 Surgical treatment of dissecting aneurysms of the abdominal aorta.

Major complications x-ray interventions. Outcomes. Solutions.

15.00 Modern problems of interventional radiology and endovascular surgery.

Embolization of the portal system, as the stage of preparation for extensive liver resection.

15.30 Resistance to antibiotics and its influence on the choice of antibiotics for surgical infection

Treatment of postoperative intra-abdominal infections

Peritonitis: state of the art

16.00 The role of mechanical compression anastomosis in the prevention of suppurative complications in abdominal surgery

Sepsis in abdominal surgery: the ideology, the clinical characteristics and treatment strategy

16.30 Antegrade interference with the syndrome of obstructive jaundice

17.00 The possibilities of minimally invasive surgical techniques under the supervision of ultrasound tomography in pancreatic surgery.

Demonstration movie recordingstenting of the esophagus under fluoroscopic control

18.00 – Certificates


هذا Medical Conference is designed to provide physicians,العلماء, ممرضات, ممرضه متمرسة, مساعدي الأطباء, بالإضافة إلى مقدمي الخدمة خارج المستشفى الذين يرون المرضى الذين يحتاجون إلى رعاية طبية, with evidence-based information on a variety of Gastro and Surgery dilemmas. A wide variety of topics pertinent to the practice of the medical care provider will be presented in lectures, case presentations, and interactive sessions.

The goal of this conference is to present current clinical data on key issues in medicine, along with treatment options to manage these challenges. Topics for this year’s conference have been selected based on extensive target audience needs assessment data resulting from professional practice gaps. These gaps are identified by a variety of sources including feedback and evaluations from past participants, clinical expert input, online survey, and other medical and nursing data.

An outstanding faculty has been selected based on their individual areas of expertise, their ability to communicate first-hand knowledge to others, and their commitment to address issues of current concern to attendees.

You are sure to enjoy our Conference while sharing ideas and experiences with colleagues from across the country in the tranquil and beautiful setting of Ukraine.

Conference Objectives

Diseases of the digestive system (gastroduodenal peptic ulcer, cholelithiasis, التليف الكبدي, pancreatitis, التهاب القولون التقرحي, إلخ.). In the practice of gastroenterologists, internists and abdominal surgery

Modern video endoscopic and pathomorphological research methods, study of Helicobacter pyloriinfection in diseases of the digestive system, introduction of modern pharmacotherapy (blockers of H +, ك + ATPase, antibiotics, إلخ.)., Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery

Implementation of medical standards, clinical protocols and standards of medical care gastroenterology patients

After participating in this conference, you should have an increased knowledge of, and be more competent to

• Identify and treat special medical conditions

• Use appropriate clinical interventions in the management of serious medical conditions

• Better use lab tests to augment history and physical exam in evaluating the patient

• Apply the most up-to-date information

Speaking Opportunities

Our conference programmes are painstakingly researched over a period of months, ensuring that the agendas are always leading-edge, covering only those issues that matter to the marketplace. The speaker faculty is populated by individuals and organisations recommended to us by the market as leaders in their field.

Speaking at an NBScience event presents a unique platform from which to showcase the expertise of a high-profile representative from your organisation.

Speaking Can Involve:

A speaking slot on the conference agenda – a powerful platform from which to showcase the medical industry and knowledge and abilities of an expert in your organisation
Chairmanship of a conference session – a great way of aligning yourself with a high profile panel of medical industry experts
Involvement in an medical industry panel discussion as a panellist or chairperson – a chance to engage in industry-critical debate with market leading executives
Leading a one-day workshop before or after the medical conferencea more in-depth opportunity of demonstrating your expertise to a smaller, more focused group of individuals with specific needs and problems
To learn more about the benefits of speaking, and how to become more involved, please contact Kristina email


شروط المشاركة للمشاركين:

Registration Package شهادة مشاركة (اللغة الإنجليزية) ,participation in scientific sessionس, مواد المؤتمر, زيارة المعرض و 10-30% discount for accomodation in hotel.

Contact NBScience’s

Education/Conference Department:



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