Coronary revascularization

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(موعد التسليم – يمشي 20, 2024)

المواضيع الرئيسية:

 Strategies for pre-intervention diagnosis and imlaging

Detection of coronary artery disease
Detection of ischaemia
Hybrid/combined imaging
Invasive tests
Prognostic value
Detection of myocardial viability
Revascularization for stabe CAD

Evidence basis for revascularisation
Impact of ischaemia burden on prognosis
Optimal medical therapy vs PCI
PCI with drug-eluting stents vs bare metal stents
Coronary artery bypass grafting vs medical therapy
PCI vs coronary artery bypass grafting
Revascularization in non-ST-segment elevation ACS

Intended early invasive or conservative strategies
Risk stratification
Timing of angiography & intervention
Coronary angiography, PCI, & coronary artery bypass grafting
Patient subgroups
Revascularisation in St-segment elevation myoacardial infraction

Reperfusion strategies
Cardiogenic shock and mechanical complications
Special conditions

Myocardial revascularization in patients with chronic kidney disease
Myocardial revascularisation in patients requiring valve surgery
Associated carotid/peripheral arterial disease
Myocardial revascularisation in CHF
Crossed revascularisation procedures
Arrhythmias in patients with ischaemic heart disease
Procedural aspects of coronary artery bypass grafting

Pre-operative management
Surgical procedures
Early post-operative risk
Procedural aspects of PCI

Impact of clinical presentation
Specific lesion subsets
Drug-eluting stents
Adjunctive invasive diagnostic tools
Antithrombotic pharmacotherapy

Elective PCI
Non-St-segment elevation ACS
ST-segment elevation myoacardial infraction
Points of interest and special conditions
Secondary prevention

Background and rationale

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تدعوكم لجنة البرنامج العلمي لتقديم بحثكم على شكل ملخص من صفحة واحدة (2500 الشخصيات) . نرحب بالطلبات المبنية على الأبحاث العلمية . Case study abstracts will also be welcomed.

Abstracts should include unpublished material and data. Material that has been formally published by the abstract submission dates will not be accepted. Most abstracts without data to support findings will be rejected. لكن, abstracts that describe study design and methods for well-developed and/or funded studies (أي., no abstracts for pilot or preliminary studies) may be considered for poster presentation depending on abstract quality.

All abstracts will be anonymously peer reviewed, scored and chosen on merit for poster presentation.

Individuals whose abstract are selected will be required to register for the meeting; abstracts from authors who do not register will not be accepted.

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(موعد التسليم – يمشي 20, 2024)

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