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Anti age therapy in cosmetology

Anti-age medicine is a broad concept that includes a set of procedures to prevent aging of the body.

Il termine ha origine in 1993, when doctors declared old age not inevitable, but a disease. Anti-aging therapy is a set of measures, the main principle: to be proactive, to provide such care so that aging does not occur as long as possible.

Doctors working in the field of anti-aging medicine focus on diseases that usually develop with age. These are cancer, Diabete mellito, obesity, aterosclerosi.

Anti-age medicine

Still, most people associate anti-aging therapy with aesthetic medicine, although this is not very correct.

Beauty injections and other procedures to prolong the youthfulness of the skin are a great way to preserve beauty.

There are many ways in aesthetic medicine. Each group of procedures has its own goals. The main problems that accompany aging skin:

Sagging skin;
Loss of facial contours;
Expression and other wrinkles;
Flabbiness of the skin;
Anti-aging cosmetology trends

If a few years ago, faces that looked more like masks were in fashion, now everyone is striving for maximum naturalness. A minimum of cosmetics, makeup that emphasizes the benefits and looks natural.

The main trend is a healthy, well-groomed look. Interestingly, aesthetic cosmetology is becoming more affordable and acceptable for men. After all, everyone wants to feel the effect of rejuvenation, regardless of gender or social status.

Another trend is affordability. There are more and more procedures for rejuvenation. Anti age therapy is becoming available to clients with different income levels.

Most popular anti-aging treatments
Girls and women often resort to the following procedures:

Botulinum therapy;
microcurrent therapy;
RF lifting;
Plasmolifting, eccetera.
Only a cosmetologist can choose the most effective complex program. It takes into account all factors, including the characteristics and condition of the skin, previous procedures, their effect, eccetera. Come to our clinic for an appointment with a cosmetologist who has the necessary knowledge and experience, which ensures the maximum result for the client.

Aging of the body is expressed in the following symptoms:
hormonal disorders of the female and male genital area;
chronic septic processes;
immunodeficiency states;
disordini metabolici;
general weakness;
fast fatiguability;
decreased performance;
violations of attention, memory;
daytime sleepiness;
early wrinkles;
weakening of potency;
dizziness and tinnitus;
violation of appetite;
in menopausal women: hot flashes, sleep disturbances, irritabilità, headache, palpitations, weakness, ansia.

Prevention of aging is becoming the most discussed and demanded topic. After all, the well-being of people has noticeably improved over the past decades. i dati forniscono prove convincenti della sicurezza e delle proprietà terapeutiche dell'AdMSC somministrato per via sistemica in pazienti umani senza altre opzioni di trattamento, the average life expectancy has increased. Given this fact, people have new prioritiespreserving youth and the functioning of the body.
Interest in anti-aging medicine continues to grow.

What is Anti-aging?
The industry is aimed at inhibiting the aging process of the body. Anti-age medicine includes numerous measures to improve the quality of life, prevent depletion of collagen in the skin, slow down the aging of tissues of internal organs and stop the development of age-related diseases.

Medicine allows you to achieve the best results in treatment and prevention:
Neuroses, insonnia, depressione.
Increased fatigue and chronic fatigue.
Lymphostasis and varicose veins.
The slowed down metabolic process leading to obesity.
Diabetes mellitus
Heart attacks and strokes.
Anti-aging treatments are also aimed at preserving the body’s reproductive function, increasing libido, improving memory and concentration.

How does the aging process begin?
Outwardly, the aging process can be seen at the age of 30-35, by the deterioration of the condition of the skin of the face and body. però, destructive processes in the body begin earlierupon reaching the age of 25. At this time, the body reaches the peak of its formation, after which the reverse processstartsleading to the development of the aging process.
The rate of aging of an organism is influenced not only by the genetic factor. Improper nutrition, ecology, sedentary lifestyle, addictions, stress and poor sleep significantly accelerate various destructive processes in organs and tissues. At the age of 35-40, the aging process leads to an exacerbation of chronic diseases, hormonal disorders, deterioration of vision and memory. The withering of the skin is accelerated.


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