Congrès mondial et exposition sur la microbiologie appliquée

Rendez-vous: 18-20 août, 2018

Lieu: Kiev, Ukraine

La description: Avec 3 journées d'atelier scientifique, Colloque technique, Séances spéciales, Conférencier & Session d'affiches, et Salon Industriel. 300+ attendees from all over the world.

exhibitor spaces available for product promotion by industrial exhibitors or act as the potential sponsor to introduce products of academia, industrial and field applications.


Microbial Characterization: Identifying Novel Strains
Art of Manufacturing: Vaccines, Antibiotiques, and Antimicrobials
Bench to Bedside: Microbiology of Bacteria, Viral and Fungi
Billion Dollar Science: Microbes in Food Industries
Protein Engineering and Enzymology
High Yield Techniques: Soil and Agricultural Microbiology
Bioremediation: Methods of Recycling and Waste Management
A World Within: Exploring Marine Ecology
Cost Effective Tools: Systems Biology and Bioinformatics
Saving Lives: Modern Diagnostic Techniques
Microbial Interactions: Biofilm Formation


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