According to information from MOH this year the first tenders for the
purchase of vaccines did not begin until May 12 (tender lasts two to three
Due to lack of vaccines, many children have already lost the schedule
immunizations, and the Ministry has prepared a draft order on the new
immunization schedule, and instructions to physicians about what steps to
take in this situation.
During the month, the order must be registered with the Ministry of Justice.
As explained by Deputy of Minister, has recently been purchased vaccines to
108 million hryvnia.
The first delivery has only just begun, so there is virtually no areas of
en outre, the ministry has an official agreement with a company to
purchase vaccines at a reduced price,
and the savings can reach up to 100 hryvnia for one dose.

A week ago, Ministry of Health reported that the Cabinet of Ministeries has
allocated an additional more than 35 million hryvnia for the purchase of
vaccins .
With these funds, it was decided to purchase three vaccines for immunization
for children the first year of life for the prevention of diphtheria,
tetanus – 131 855 doses (the approximate price per dose is 133 UAH 48
kopeks), diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Haemophilus influenzae and Polio
– 75 151 dose (dose price – 165 hryvnia)
and a vaccine against hepatitis B – 650 000 doses (eight hryvnia per dose).


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