Clinique anti-âge des cellules souches NBScience à Prague, République Tchèque

Prof. joyeux Noël , Beroun, République Tchèque

1. autologue mesenchymal stem cells from blood or adipose tissue.
– Autour 10 ml de sang veineux ou 5-7 cubic mm of adipose tissue are extracted from a patient. Within 10 à 14 days stem cells are separated from the rest of the material and then grown to the required amount.
Ratio needed for injection is 1 million stem cells per 1 kilogram of the patient’s weight.
USAGE: Life extension, organs reparation, anti-âge, rejuvenation.All autoimmune disorders (Type 1 Diabète, ALS, MME, autoimmune thyroiditis, autoimmune hepatitis, glomérulonéphrite, lupus, psoriasis, and others). It is also used for cirrhosis, Type 2 Diabète, arthroses etc.

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