What is “fetal stem cells products”?

What is “fetal stem cells products”, or fetal stem cells, which are now so much talked about? Fetal stem cells products (from the Latin fetus – fetus) are products (placenta, stem cells, tissues) obtained from aborted embryos (the so-called person before the 8th week of intrauterine development) or aborted fetuses (a person after the 8th week of intrauterine development ). The same products can be obtained even after the birth of the child (then they are no longer called fetal and have much less value). Embryos can be not only human, but also of animal origin (unborn calves, pigs – this is engaged in cryobiology, and the material is called xenogorgan).

Who made fetal stem cells cosmetology products and treatment?

Almost all the “fetal stem cells ” cosmetics that an ordinary woman can buy in a store are of animal origin. Labeling can be such: extracts Ovar, Placenta, Cutis, Hepar, Amnion, Liquor amnii (amniotic fluid), placental proteins, fetal skin proteins, etc. Products of human origin are labeled Human or Fetal. It is important to understand that manufacturers often do not indicate that in addition to products of animal origin (whose use may also be controversial from the ethical point of view), human embryos may also be included in the composition (such cosmetics costs an order of magnitude more expensive). Basically, these are cosmetic lines of Swiss, French, German and Russian manufacturers. These are cleansing lotions, and “antipruritic” creams, eye creams, anti-cellulite creams and even tooth cream pastes.

Inoculations from aborted babies?


How are fetal products obtained? All these products must be obtained from healthy individuals (human or animal). Therefore, if it is a product of animal origin, then healthy pregnant animals are selected from the herd and clogged. With a human, this is not yet possible. The natural suppliers of such a product are abortion (which is in every women’s consultation cabinets). And, the child should be absolutely healthy. “Miraculous” biological properties have a human embryo at the age of not less than 14-25 weeks – from  late abortions. In these terms the child in the womb of the mother is already a fully formed little human.

It is known that abortions based on social indications, which were made on late terms, are now prohibited. After this ban, the criminal fetal industry began to lack biomaterials. But there was a way out. Now in women’s clinics they insistently take a test to prevent congenital pathology of the fetus. Often these studies represent, as compulsory, forced. The verification procedure consists of an ultrasound and a study of the cells taken. This is a biopsy of the chorion or placenta, amniocentesis, cordocentesis. In all cases, the uterine puncture and material intake are performed. In the event that the research will give a positive result, it will be proposed to prevent the birth of a child by abortion. Or, to put it more precisely, they suggest that you kill your child for allegedly ill.

In carrying out such studies, damage to the fetus, placenta, umbilical cord, infection, abortion, premature birth may occur. The fetal death in their conduct is from 0.5 to 3%. You should carefully consider your consent to such a study, since the risk of giving birth to a child with Down syndrome is three times less than in 40 years (1 case per 100), than the death of a child in these studies (3 cases per 100). And no one will answer for this, except you, because you gave your consent to this.

Or another scheme: at a late pregnancy – 20-25 weeks, a woman doing an ultrasound examination further a woman is shocked by the words that “the fetus is dead” or “frozen” (does not develop) or “fetal pathology” – and insistently offer an abortion , without specifying the diagnosis.


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