New Technologies in Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery

تواريخ: April 03-04, 2019

أوكرانيا, كييف,

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(الموعد النهائي – January 12, 2018)


الموضوعات الرئيسية:

1. Facial Reconstructive Surgery

2. Orthognathic and Aesthetic Surgery

3. الخلايا الجذعية, Tissue Engineering and Basic Research

4. Implants and Dentoalveolar Surgery

5. Oral and Head & Neck Cancer and Pathology

6. Pediatric and Craniofacial Surgery

7. Distraction Osteogenesis

8. Navigation, Minimally Invasive Surgery and New Technologies in OMF Surgery

9. Craniofacial Trauma

10. TMJ and Pain

11. Miscellaneous

دعوة للالمشارك ملخصات:

تواريخ مهمة:

Abstract submission deadline: مارس 20, 2018

Acceptance notification: مارس 22, 2018

The Scientific Program Committee invites you to submit your research in the form of a one-page abstract (2500 characters) . We welcome scholarly research-based submissions . Case study abstracts will also be welcomed.

Abstracts should include unpublished material and data. Material that has been formally published by the abstract submission dates will not be accepted. Most abstracts without data to support findings will be rejected. ومع ذلك, abstracts that describe study design and methods for well-developed and/or funded studies (i.e., no abstracts for pilot or preliminary studies) may be considered for poster presentation depending on abstract quality.

All abstracts will be anonymously peer reviewed, scored and chosen on merit for poster presentation.

Individuals whose abstract are selected will be required to register for the meeting; abstracts from authors who do not register will not be accepted.

شروط المشاركة للمشاركين:

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(الموعد النهائي – January 12, 2018



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