Traditionally, events Hack Day, held on Yahoo over the world, attracting only a web developer interested in the latest networking technologies Internet Corporation. However, due to an incident spicy Conference Yahoo Hack Day in Taiwan has managed to attract the attention not only programmers, but also the general public.
The cause of the scandal were leaked to the Internet photographs taken at the event. The pictures depicted the conference, but do not read papers before an audience and enjoying the half-naked girls dancing around them. Despite the fact that the event is meant, basically, presentation sessions and collaborative development of applications for the visitors themselves this conference may be remembered as a disco.
As it turned out, the performance of seductive dancers Hack Girls included in the program of Yahoo Hack Day – apparently so the conference organizers tried to show programmers who came to work with Yahoo will be pleased in every way. Soon, however, the Internet has risen wave perturbations, because of what the company’s representatives had to apologize for his bold initiative.
“We apologize. Our Yahoo Hack Day events have been created to allow third party developers to learn more about our latest developments and technologies, – reads the message on the official blog of Yahoo. – How many had already discern, speech Hack Girls do not reflect the spirit of the conference and, especially, our own values. We welcome all visitors Hack Day, including representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. ”
Yahoo employees also promised that in future such a mistake does not happen again. Interestingly, according to several sources at Taiwan last year, Congress programmers Yahoo Hack Day there were also dances Hack Girls, however, if for some reason this did not result in such criticism. However, in Taiwan, the speeches are common and are not considered as something evil.

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