XIX specialized exhibition-forum “Real Estate-2019”

March 01 – March 2, 2019


The objectives of the exhibition “Real Estate -2019”  

– To provide complete, professional information and services to persons interested in investing, buying, selling and renting real estate, lending, insurance, and property assessment, consultation on legal issues . The other goal is to consolidate the activities of the consumer market of financial and credit services in the market.

The exhibition-forum will feature leading construction, investment, insurance companies, banks, professional associations and organizations, real estate agencies, legal firms.

The main directions of the exhibition “Real Estate-2019”

• Construction

– Residential real estate

– Commercial real estate

– Objects of the country real estate

• Investments

– Investment projects for corporate clients

– Investment projects for private investors

• Commercial Real Estate

– Retail and office centers

– Hotels

– Property complexes

– Industrial complexes, factories, mills

– Logistics and warehousing complexes

– Catering and recreational facilities

• Land

• Investment Properties

– Hotels, guest houses, holiday homes

– Land in recreational areas

– Apartments in hotels, boarding houses, holiday homes

– For sale / lease of houses, villas, apartments, resorts

• Housing estates and rural property

– Cottages and villas in the villages

– Residential Real Estate

– Wooden houses

• Loans. Funding

– The financing of construction projects and investment

– The conditions of the loan by financial institutions

– Lending to construction and repair work

– Mortgages

• Sale / lease of residential and commercial properties in the secondary market

• Development. Consulting

• Legal support of transactions and real estate

The exhibition-forum “Real Estate-2019” exhibition and “International Real Estate-2019” will be organized presentations, seminars, press conference.

The objectives of the exhibition “International Real Estate-2019”

Provide new markets and investments, markets with strong demand in central Europe, expanding markets  , new markets and niche markets are the Middle East and America. The exhibition is an important forum for establishing and maintaining business contacts in cross-sectoral implementation of international projects and investment programs.

For those interested in buying property abroad, private individuals – to provide practical tips on choosing a builder and the most attractive location of the facility to familiarize with the procedure of buying property, the principles and benefits of mortgage lending abroad, it is used to increase the size of investment, to evaluate the profitability of investments, conditions of delivery in rent, etc.

Exhibitors: leading foreign companies, developers, large investment companies, and their representations in other countries, real estate agencies, credit counselors of purchasing property abroad, the foreign media, etc. The exhibitors at this period appear more representatives of consumer investment in property, to a lesser extent investor countries.

The main directions of exhibition

“International Real Estate-2019”

• Investments

– Investment projects for corporate clients in the real estate business abroad

– Investment projects for private investors

• Investment Properties Abroad

– Land

– Villas, cottages

– Apartments

• Residential Real Estate Abroad

– Luxury housing abroad

– Residential real estate “economy class”

• Loans to real estate abroad

– Loan programs and interest rates in different countries

– Repayment of the loan scheme and penalties for failure to fulfill conditions of the loan

• Visa, legal support

• Advice, tips, study tours, miscalculations of costs and profits.

The marketing strategy of activities planned so that at the exhibition was presented to a number of investment – attractive projects from agencies and companies of various forms of ownership  , Europe, Asia and America for people who buy property for living and recreation and business.

During three days of the new format of the event allows the long-term business contacts, provide each other’s strategic and development projects and lay the foundations for a fruitful cooperation for individuals interested in investing in capital investment projects or financial – investment structures to multiply the money and increase their profitability.

International Real Estate Exhibition took place in Maldives with progressive rates on the number of exhibitors and visitors and the growing interest from real estate professionals and potential buyers and investors.

We hope that the  International Exhibition-Forum “Real Estate” and exhibition “International Real Estate” will be the most significant event of 2019 on real estate market, contributing to improving the investment climate and increase investment in real estate, as well as continue development of the  market in financial credit and investment services!

We hope for fruitful cooperation!


The organizing committee.


• Participants from 12 countries

• Key players in certain segments of the real estate market

• Interdisciplinary Dialogue

• The presence of representatives of business-critical sites and real estate markets

• The presence of representatives of all demand and new markets


• Modern facilities for presentations and reports the benefits of work and ideas of

• A platform for the development of strategies for future periods

• Ability to present investment project or developed serious intentions for its design and implementation

• Proximity to the   international business and specialized periodicals

• An innovative type of event, access to information about new market trends, new products, new techniques in this area

• Assessing the prospects for the development of your project, a demonstration of his preference, the search for financial partners willing to participate in its development.

• Meeting with investors, municipal and regional authorities, banks, lawyers, architects, designers, builders, journalists, management companies and professionals from related activities, which operate in the market to attract investment and development


•  actual consumer buyers’ market

• Exhibition – Forum “Property 2019” – a platform for reliable and relevant information without intermediaries

• Communication in professional language among professional audience for Analysis and implementation of plans

• The solution of the “crisis management” of the economy of real estate, banks and financial institutions, problem loans and loan deficiency, coping with a view to stir up consumer interest investor, revitalize and reinvigorate the market with a “voice” of a public event.

Components and accents:

• Exposition + Business Program

• Focus on investment, business and new projects

• First-hand information, results and conclusion of contracts

• Forum activities for corporate users, investors and representatives of all sectors of real estate

• Meeting area, about 20 leading   foreign experts

• Preparation of a new database objects and clients to companies that specialize in real estate services

• Focus on customer property “for himself”

• Filling the information vacuum and educational program to invest in international real estate.

The advertising campaign includes announcements of more than 40 leading specialized printing and business publications, news stories of six TV channels, radio network  FM radio stations. Information about the exhibition is available with 25 portals dedicated to real estate directories and reference books. Invitations are sent to visitors of previous exhibitions and to visit the exhibition for the first time, registered on the website of the organizing committee;   real estate agencies and companies to their activities, are interested in visiting the exhibition, most published papers to subscribers of the country. Conducted online banner advertising, outdoor advertising on the streets   the target distribution of invitations to established contacts prospective buyers, many others. etc.

Participation in the exhibition and forum promotes the development of your company!


 Conditions of participation for participants:

Registration Package   includes transportation ( fromto airport, fromto conference venue),  certificate of participation (English language) ,participation in scientific sessions, conference materialsvisit to the exhibition and 10-30% discount for accomodation in hotel.



(deadline – December 20, 2017)





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