What is the difference between embryonic stem cells, fetal stem cells, mesenchymal stem cell  applications ?


a) Fetal stem cells – from the aborted tissues, from aborted embryos.
Not ethical, Also risks of DNS mutations and of course cancer development, absence of infections control, absence of possibilities to control of the dosage and concentration.
It was popular in Ukraine 30 years ago. It is old technology.

b) Mesenchymal stem cells. If patient is ill – his stem cells also not healthy.
We can offer such technology, but we recommend embryonic, healthy stem cells.

c) Embryonic stem cells – cultivated ( from the cell culture) .
It is latest newest technology. All stem cells is alive, high potential to regeneration, they are 100% healthy and active.
We control their growth from the beginning in our biotechnology laboratory. All video you can see below.
We can guarantee quality, absence of infections or DNA mutations, absence of cancer risks development.


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