SynRG told an international conference on clinical research

Representatives of Synergy Research Group (SynRG) participated in the conference “Developing a superpower in clinical studies – Russia, China, India» (Emerging Superpowers in Clinical Research. Russia, India, China), which was held on 28-29 May 2009 in Amsterdam.


“Despite the low sensitivity to the crisis of the pharmaceutical industry in general and clinical research, in particular, and excellent financial results first quarter of this year, going to conferences, we carefully weigh all the” pros “and” against. ” Thus, in the first quarter, we have decided to cancel our participation in the American Partnerships with CRO and Viennese Optimizing Clinical Trials in CEE & CIS Region. However, the composition of participants in this conference, and, in particular, is unusually broad and representative participation of the Russian regulatory authorities have played a role, and we decided to participate, as later never regretted, “- said in a statement SynRG.


The conference was opened by a brilliant presentation of Michael Samson, executive director of clinical operations BristolMyersSquibb in the Asia-Pacific and EMEA (Mikhail Samsonov MD, ExecutiveDirectorRegionalClinicalOperationsAsiaPacificandEMEA, Global Development and Medical Affairs). Michael presented to the audience the state of affairs in Russia, India and China, as well as the characteristics of each market, including the advantages and disadvantages.


The second day also began under the aegis of Russia. The first came on stage, Anita Kasper, regional director of Lundbeck’s Central and Eastern Europe (Anita Kasper, Regional Director Clinical Operations CEE). Ms. Casper so enthusiastically told the audience about the benefits of Russia that can not be a better worshiper and I wish – of the Europeans living in Russia say the Belgian citizen of Austria, a woman scientist, which enjoys enormous prestige in the European R & D.


Next speaker Michael Putilov, manager of clinical operations at Lilly Russia (Mikhail Putilovskiy, Clinical Operations Manager, Russia). Michael informed the audience in detail with the options of signing contracts with researchers in Russia, as well as disadvantages and advantages associated with each of the three known variants. Information aroused great interest and a lot of questions from the audience.


Then the floor was given to Yuri Afonchikovu, Deputy Head of the registration Roszdravnadzor drugs. Yuri V. in his calm and intelligible manner described the presence of Russian regulatory environment – namely, the legal framework, the regulatory climate, the growth dynamics of research, future prospects, as well as possible structural changes within the service. The climax of the report became known Tiutchev “Mind of Russia not to understand?, Inviting all those who doubt their own to see our country and make sure that Russia can be trusted, and with Russian officials can and should engage in direct dialogue.


Behind him on the rostrum Dr. Eugene Rogov, k.m.n, a member of the National Ethics Committee on “From the standpoint of the Ethics Committee.” The report was devoted to questions of ethical expertise and support clinical trials in Russia, the statistics given specific approved protocols, frequency of meetings and the composition of the NEC, and special attention was paid to the delegation of authority from the individual NEC-LEK-s. In the late Eugene speeches confidently and thoroughly answered numerous questions from the audience.


In addition to the speakers at the conference was attended by representatives of the Russian Bigfarmy: medical director, Oleg and Anna Milenin Dontsenko from GSK and Russian Elena Karelin, country manager of Pfizer klinoperatsiyam in Russia, and from the CRO: Crocusmedical, Cromos, CCCP and SynergyResearchGroup.


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