SPA anti-aging packages before\after stem cells therapy in Germany

“Body Care for Women”
Holiday House! Give yourself the luxury of a relaxing, relaxing morning! Enjoy particularly gentle and relaxing Ayurvedic treatments and the pleasant, quiet atmosphere of the wellness area.

– Determination of the constitution with the choice of suitable Ayurvedic oil
– Samvahana (Massage with silk cloth / brush / oil)
– Head / face / cleavage massage Mukabhyanga
– Ayurvedic face mask and hand mask
– Relaxation

Duration about 2.5 hours 165.00 Euro

“Regeneration package for men”
Problems at the office? Stress at home? Are you completely overwhelmed and exhausted? Then treat yourself to rejuvenating and rejuvenating treatments at Wellness Stüberl. For the new government in everyday life!

– Determination of the constitution with the choice of suitable Ayurvedic oil

Foot bath with Himalayan salt – Shaman’s plucking massage plus massage with regenerating oil
– Foot massage Padabhyanga with a cup of Kaasha
– Relaxation

Duration about 2 hours € 140.00

“Back SPA repair”
Do you sit at the computer a lot and suffer from back pain? Or is your back completely tense and sore all the time?
With this Ayurveda program, your back will meet the new requirements. Gentle / relaxing and intense back massages are used, alternating with herbal bags and singing bowls.

1 day Ayurvedic back massage Kundalini + singing bowl
(tension is removed from the back, tension in the whole body dissolves) about 55 minutes
2nd day Ayurvedic back massage with intense sitting (especially in the shoulders and neck) for about 30 minutes
3rd day Ayurvedic intensive back massage + Kizhi herbal bag (strong tension is removed) for about 50 minutes
Day 4 Ayurvedic Kundalini back massage (final massage with back-strengthening oil) about 45 minutes
Duration about 2 hours 190,00 Euro

“Sporty, sporty!”
Ayurvedic massage program to support sports activities to relax and restore muscles. Relaxation effect turns on immediately.
1 day Mardana – massage under pressure of the whole body for about 60 minutes
Day 2 Thalodal – a full-body sports massage for about 45 minutes
3rd day Massage of legs and feet for about 40 minutes
170.00 euro

“Fit and tight”
Ayurvedic application program to support diets, tissue tightening and fit! Detoxifying, regenerating and regenerating agents are used. You will feel good and “lighter”.

1 day Definition of the constitution
Tips on type, appropriate diet and lifestyle,
Garshan Rohseydenhandshuh massage about 45 minutes
2nd day Udvartana powder or massage paste for about 55 minutes
3rd day of the Jambir Pinda Sveda full body about 55 minutes
Day 4 Garshan raw silk gloves massage + fat-burning oil in the abdomen-legs-butt and winding for about 65 minutes
265.00 euros

“Ayurveda + sound = harmony”
Stress as the causative agent of diseases of our time! With the help of ayurvedic applications and singing shells, the teeth are stressed. Experience complete relaxation and harmony with a gentle, balancing oil massage combined with singing bowls massage.

1 day Determination of composition
Abhyanga full body massage with burnout oil for about 50 minutes
Day 2 Klangschalenmassage about 50 minutes
3rd day Mukabhyanga + foot / foot massage for about 60 minutes
4th day temple massage about 75 minutes
260.00 euros

Ayurvedic cleansing program! Ideal at the beginning of the diet and fasting to compensate for bad eating habits, with water retention in tissues.
Recommendation: spring cleansing day to get rid of the “legacy” of winter.

– Definition of the constitution
– Tips by type
suitable diet and lifestyle – Massage Garshan Rohseidenhandschuh
– Abhyang full body massage with fat burning oil
– Jambira Pinda Sveda in the abdominal legs, buttocks
– relaxation

Duration about 2 hours € 155.00


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