Question is : legitimate stem cell clinics ?

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Good question.

Legal basis of stem cell treatment   in different countries is different.

The main thing is to use stem  cells ethically, so that patient will get positive response, not harm.

Unethical use –   fetal stem cells from the fetus.
Ethical  and morally – autologous stem cells or cultivated.

In many countries, using of stem cells is prohibited for various reasons.

Basically, due to old views.

Officials do not always understand what this term  (“stem cell tehrapy ” ) mean.

There are several types of stem cell therapy in the world.
In Canada it is forbidden, in the USA it is forbidden   in the clinics.
In Ukraine it is allowed officialy.

There are 2 clinic in Ukraine  which is offer embryonic stem cell therapy and only 1 clinic – autologous stem cells.

In China, Mexico, India, Africa –  a lot of questions regarding quality of  so called “stem cell treatment” provided there.
Patient should be able to see license and certification for stem cell therapy, GMP/GLP certifications of the laboratory etc.


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