MRI centers in Kiev,Ukraine

there are different quality and prices.
Average price of 1 zone in 2017 is $80.
Before choosing it is better to consult with experienced doctors from Ukraine in advance.

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Below is the most complete and up-to-date list of clinics where you can make an MRI in Kiev. Real feedback from patients, research prices, types of tomographs in clinics.


1. Medical Center “Doctor Spin”

Kiev, Stetsenko, house 19, building 1/2

Hardware: Philips Intera 1.5T
Tomograph type: Closed

2. SMART Diagnostics

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Kiev, Vyshgorodskaya, 69

Equipment: Philips Intera 1.5T
Tomograph type: Closed

3. Alexandrovsky Consultative and Diagnostic Center

Kyiv, Victory Avenue, 119

Hardware: Toshiba 1.5T
Tomograph type: Closed

4. Diagnostic center “MedGarant”

Kiev, Y. Kondratyuka, 8 (building of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 8, 1st floor)

Hardware: Hitachi Aperto 0.4T, Toshiba EXCELART Vantage XGV 1.5T
Type of scanner: Open, Closed
MRI for children from 4 years

5. Diagnostic Center “SDS”, Medical part of Artem factory

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Kiev, Degtyarevskaya 17-V

Equipment: 1.5T, 0.5T
Tomograph type: Closed
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6. Diagnostic center of MRT “MEDEX”

Kiev, Aircraft Designer Antonova, 13

Hardware: Siemens Magneton Avanto 1.5T
Tomograph type: Closed

7. Diagnostic Center of VTS
Kiev, Petra Zaporozhets, 26 (Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No.3)

8. Innovation Life
Kiev, Yu. Kondratyuka, 2a

9. Institute for Therapeutic Problems
Kiev, Mikhail Kotsiubynskyy, 8-A

10. Clinic of hardware cosmetology “SIAC”


Kiev, Herzen, 17/25

11. Medical-diagnostic center “MEDDiagnostika”
Kiev, Builders Lane, 4

Equipment: APERTO ETERNA from Hitachi
Tomograph type: Open

12. Medicask Group
Kyiv, Ryzhskaya str., 1

Equipment: Hitachi Airis Vento 0,35T
Tomograph type: Open

13. Medical center “Biopharmtech”
Kiev, Heroes of Sevastopol, 30

14. MRT Center “Innovative Diagnostics”

Kiev, Vasilkovskaya 28

Hardware: Siemens Magnetom Harmony 1.0 T
Tomograph type: Closed

15. MRI-Center KyivMed
Kiev, Baggovutovskaya, 1 (Therapeutic department, building №9, Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital)

Equipment: Hitachi Airis Mate 0,2T
Tomograph type: Open

16. Oncological clinic Innovation, Lutezh village
Kiev, Vyshgorodsky district, with. Lutezh, st. Vitryanoi, 69a


Kiev, Bolshaya Okruzhnaya road, village Petropavlovskaya Borshchagivka, st. Petropavlovskaya, 14-D

Equipment: Philips-neusoft 0,35Т
Tomograph type: Open

18. The main military clinical hospital of the Ministry of Defense
Киев ул. Hospital, 18

Equipment: General Electric Vektra 0.5T, SIGNA EXITE HD 1.5T
Type of scanner: Open, Closed

19. City hospital №1 Red farm

Kyiv, Kharkov highway, 121

Equipment: Philips 0.5T
Tomograph type: Closed

20. Diagnostic center “MediVIP”, Medgorodok
Kyiv, Komarova Ave., 3, City Clinical Hospital No. 6 (Medgorodok), building 6. (separate entrance from Akademika Strazhesko Street)

21. Diagnostic center “MediVIP”, Podol

Kiev, ul.Ilyinskaja 3/7, Clinical Hospital №15 (Podil)

22. Diagnostic Center “M 24”

Kiev, pr-t.Stepana Bandery, 17/1 (Ave Moskovsky)

Hardware: Siemens Magnetom Avanto
Tomograph type: Closed

23. Diagnostic center “Omega-Kiev”

Kiev, street Trutenko Onufriya, 10

Hardware: Philips Achieva 1.5T
Tomograph type: Closed

24. Diagnostic Center for MRI
Kiev, ul.Mashinostroitelnaya, 37

Hardware: Siemens Magnetom Harmony
Tomograph type: Closed

25. MRI Diagnostic Center, Kiev
Kyiv, street Vasilenko Nikolaia, 7

Hardware: Siemens Magnetom Harmony 1.0T
Tomograph type: Closed
MRI for children aged 5 years

26. Dobrobut
Kiev, Families Idzikovskih (Mikhail Mishin), 3

Hardware: Toshiba Elan 1.5 T
Tomograph type: Closed

27. European Clinic of Personalized Medicine Eurolab
Kiev, Solomenskaya, 11a

28. Institute of Gerontology, Department of Radiation Diagnostics

Kiev, Vyshgorodskaya, 67

Equipment: Hitachi Airis Mate 0.2T
Tomograph type: Open

29. Cyber ​​Clinic of Spizhenko
Kyiv region, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, village Kapitanivka, st. Cathedral (former Soviet), 21

Hardware: Toshiba 1.5 T Vantage Atlas
Tomograph type: Closed

30. Kyiv City Clinical Emergency Hospital
Kiev, Bratislava, 3

31. Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital

Kiev, Баггоутовская, 1

32. Kyiv City Consultative-Diagnostic Center

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Kiev, Kondratyuk, 6

33. The clinic Boris
Kiev, Bazhana Avenue, 12а

34. Clinical Hospital Feofaniya
Kyiv, Academician Zabolotny str., 21

35. Scientific and Practical Center for Radiation Diagnostics of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
Kiev, Manuilsky 32

36. Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Melnikova Street
Kiev, Melnikova, 24

37. Scientific and Practical Center for Children’s Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Chornovola Street

Kiev, Chornovola, 28/1

38. The National Cancer Institute
Kiev, Lomonosov Str. 33/43

39. Research Institute of Neurosurgery. Romodanov

Kiev, Manuilsky 32

40. Universal clinic “Oberig” Reviews: 3

Kiev, Zoological, 3, building “B”

41. Center of MRI-diagnostics of LDC MIBS, Kiev

Kiev, Simferopol, house 8 (Railway Hospital, Darnitsa)


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