From 21 to 23 May conference hall of Kyiv “Hesed Avot,” was crowded to overflowing. Over 80 participants from all over the CIS and Baltic countries took part in the 8th International Medical Conference, which was held by the Kiev Institute of Social and community workers. Along with the medical coordinator of chesed and physicians volunteer at the conference was attended by eminent experts from Kiev, collaborating with Chesed. Eighth consecutive year, this event is taking place under the direction of Professor Ted Myers – Senior Medical Consultant “Joint” in New York. His fate is wholly and selflessly dedicated to assisting the disadvantaged, is interesting in itself, and it is possible to study history. Since 1948, receiving education, he practiced medicine, including psychiatry. About 20 years ago with his wife T. Myers organized in Sudan clinic for refugees from Ethiopia. This attracted the attention of “Joint”, whose members asked him to provide medical assistance to the Ethiopian Jews. From 1984 to 1991, T. Myers is working in Ethiopia, as long as the result of “Operation Solomon” Ethiopian Jews move to Israel. Then, two years engaged in health programs in Cuba. Since 1993, T. Myers organizes medical programs in the CIS, of which the annual conference considers most important.
This year, the lecturers at the conference were professors at Harvard, Stanford and California universities, all of which, without exaggeration, be called luminary in his field. For example, the name of Professor Stanford University Medical Gerald Rivena known in the history and description of the identification of the metabolic syndrome, is well known to physicians worldwide. Following the report by D. Rivena about their latest research head of the department of the Kiev Medical Academy of Geriatric Anatoly Tokar said: “We attended the presentation of a living classic, which works with his hands medical science. I’ve been to many conferences, but the first time I had to listen at the same time of three stars of world magnitude. ” Many of the participants admired the brevity and with the enormous content of lectures and practical.
Here’s what to say about the medical coordinator of the conference “Joint” Faith Sverdlovsk: “Firstly, it is enabling physicians from different regions to meet, discuss their work experience, comparing it with the experience of highly skilled American professionals. In addition, a conference attended by representatives of the Kiev Medical institutions in order to acquaint them with the work of our organization and its level, to enhance cooperation with city organizations and improve the quality of care our customers. This is the fifth year the conference is held in Kyiv, and if at the beginning and attended by doctors from the same region today We presented 20 different regions. ”
Says Professor T. Myers: “I was most impressive, both in the Soviet period, Jews could become doctors, and then, as today, doctors at the CIS continue to operate in such harsh conditions. Invitation to conference is a high estimation of its members, and we expect that they will transfer the knowledge gained here, and colleagues in their communities. An interesting observation I made over 8 years: first, local doctors wary of the U.S., which was due to the influence of unfriendly atmosphere that had prevailed between the USSR and the USA. But in recent years situation has changed and we have a dialogue on equal terms. Conference finances “Joint”, however, and I and my wife, and all the professors from the United States are volunteers. We do this in the name of aid to Jews in the former Soviet Union, as all we are one Jewish family “


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