Human embryonic stem cells therapy


The best method is human embryonic stem cells therapy .

We have own biotechnology laboratory and stem cells certified clinic in Kiev .

Usually we have positive effects after 2-3 months. Long lasting.

Novel approaches are anticipated to reverse the deterioration of structures and improve the functions in patients, considering that the currently available drugs
or surgery mostly focus on relieving the symptoms.
Regenerative stem cells therapies can improve functionality by repairing or replacing the damaged structures.

Human stem cells therapy is officially approved only in our stem cells clinic in Kiev.
30+ years of experience.

Details about clinic –

We have GMP certificate and own biotechnology stem cells laboratory.

We are using cultivated high-quality GMP-grade human fetal / embryonic stem cells lines.
Manufactured in conformity with cGMP for medical devices, 21 CFR Part 820 and USP <1043>

Video from our biotech lab –

Description of our biotech stem cells laboratory –

Biotechnology stem cells laboratory in Kiev

Once you submit your medical records ,
we’ll assign a case manager to you who will organize and observe the entire treatment process and be in constant contact with you.

Your case manager will consult with the appropriate doctor or medical committee to confirm treatment possibility.
Some additional tests and analysis maybe required before we receive confirmation.

After that your case manager will work with you to prepare a full package that include your treatment, arrival, after treatment care and etc.
The service package will be tailored to meet your needs, ensure you successful treatment, comfortable reoccupation, and pleasant stay

Your case manager will then provide you with medical treatment and medical concierge estimate. Then, if you chose to proceed we’ll start with Trip Organization.

• Trip Organization

Your case manager can help you with other travel arrangements such as housing, airline reservation and travel insurance.
Although we advise you to trust us with them, you can make these arrangements yourself.

On arrival, one of our team members will meet you at the airport and escort you to your temporary hotel in the city of arrival to
rest before heading to your destination, or if you prefer you’ll be directly escorted to your hotel/flat at destination.

• Treatment
Your case manager will meet you in person before your medical consultation for any discussions or clarifications,
assign one of our medical translator to you who will accompany you throughout treatment. Then you proceed to the medical center/clinic
, where you’ll meet your main treating doctor/surgeon. He/she will set list of required medical analysis, tests and examinations.

If you are comfortable, you start treatment according to the recommended treatment plan.
You complete your treatment and proceed with After Stem Cell Treatment Care .
Your case manager will monitor your treatment and maintain communications with you, your medical translator and the head doctor/surgeon of your treating team.

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