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Care must be taken when undergoing Moditen Depot treatment.

En dias tempranos, no pasa nada. Luego, el 3 – 5día, there comes a moment of sensation of the action of the drug. It can be drowsiness, a feeling of dullness of mental reactions.

On days 6-10, akathisia can be observed – es decir, involuntary movements of the legs or arms. Nothing may be observed. The main thing, of course, is the elimination of the symptoms of schizophrenia. This happens efficiently and quickly. But tolerance and side effects are also important.

Twitching may be 7-10 dias. Then they disappear. Sleepiness also disappears on the 10-14th day and normal life comes. It is necessary to repeat the injections every 3-4 semanas. Dose 1 ml – 25 miligramos.

Sometimes it may seem that there is depressionit is not. There is no depression as such, just life slows down and there is a rethinking of the sensations from ordinary affairs.


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