Plan de tratamiento de células madre autólogas

Plan de tratamiento


An autologous stem cells treatment included 1 infusión del torrente sanguíneo y 2 visitas a la clínica.

Se recolectarán sus propias células madre. (cosechado) de tu sangre.

Then we will extract stem cells from your blood and will start stem cells cultivation ( multiplication) in our GMP/GLP stem cells laboratory ( 2 semanas) .

Afterward, the stem cells that were collected and multiplied are given (injected) back to you.


Plan de tratamiento:

Pre-Treatment Evaluation

A stem cell specialist will begin the evaluation by reviewing your medical record and history, performing a treatment, he will recommend a treatment plan.

Preadmission Tests

Before being admitted to the clinic, you will have several days of laboratory and other diagnostic tests to determine if you have normal function of the heart, livianos, kidney and liver and that you do not have an undiagnosed infection. Most of these tests will be done as an outpatient before you are admitted to the clinic, but others may need to be completed after you are admitted for treatment.

Stem Cell Collection and injections.

Currently, most procedures involve collecting stem cells from the peripheral blood.

When stem cells are infused into the patient, they are administered through an intravenous catheter (IV) or central venous catheter, just like a blood transfusion.

Autologous stem-cell treatment plan included 2 visitas a la clínica:

1S t visit – blood draw

2Dakota del Norte visit – stem cells infusion



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