Tickets to the June conference of Apple WWDC 2011 sold on Ebay for a few thousand e

Tickets for the conference Apple WWDC 2011 sold out in just 12 hours after launch. This is a new record – the previous one was installed last year, when it took eight days.

The fact that all the tickets sell out at WWDC, hardly anyone doubts: despite their relatively high cost ($ 1599) and need to be a registered developer of Apple, in the last three years the conference was accompanied by the continued sell-out. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that some developers did not expect that tickets will not be available after only 12 hours, and their plans to attend the conference this year not to be realized.


However, the opportunity to attend WWDC is still there. Speculators sell non-activated tickets on-line auction Ebay, the price is on the increase in two or more times.

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