Dr. Eugene Zadorin (Yevgen Zadorin)

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Dr.Eugene Zadorin is a  cardiologist and stem cells scientist.

Dr.Eugene Zadorin is the director of NBScience, a premier contract research organization. In 2005, Zadorin developed with his colleague a new method of diagnosis of primary pulmonary hypertension.

In the thesis is found solution of the actual scientific and medical task – treatment of pulmonary hypertension in patients with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension by using calcium blockers of calcium channels diagnostics is presented on the basis of their assessment of the pathogenetic links of pulmonary hypertension and heart failure – changes of the NO-system, lipid peroxidation processes, antioxidant system and fatty acids blood levels.

Doctor Zadorin developed method of differentiation of embryonic stem cells into cardiac myocytes[2] and method of determination of oxidative stress in neurology[3] 

Doctor Yevgeniy Zadorin is a member of World Organization of Natural Medicine. Expert in clinical research registries in medicine. He is also the director of Stem Cell Clinic. Zadorin has published more than 40 papers in reputable journals. Author and developer of scientific research in the field of alternative medicine,nitric oxide, oxidative stress and stem cells.


MD diploma in 2000. He developed method of therapy of primary pulmonary hypertension. He worked as a cardiologist at the Hospital until 2005. PhD in cardiology in 2005. He was a Head of consulting group in clinical research department of Ministry of Health from 2006 till 2008. In 2008, he completed the professional retraining in the field of Good Clinical Practice  . Zadorin developed the unique anti-aging technique, which is based on balanced nutrition and physical exercises.

stem cells treatment Ukraine

Dr.Yevgen  Zadorin



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