Couperose Rosacea Stem Cell Therapy

Couperose Rosacea Stem Cell Therapy

The research showed increased patient satisfaction in skin elasticity and decreased erythema index (the redness of the skin).

Stem cells therapy increased the length of the dermoepidermal junction (the thickness of the dermal and epidermal), the amount of collagen, and the number of fibroblasts (generating collagen cells).

The wrinkles  were significantly more reduced than in the other  groups of patients.

The research proves that stem cells is effective in the rejuvenation of photo-aged skin.

Treatment with stem cells after ablative CO(2) fractional resurfacing enhances recovery of laser-damaged skin and synergistically improves the clinical appearance of acne scarring.


Benefits that may include:

Soothes and calms inflamed skin
Redness and discoloration fade
Improves blood circulation so red/purple spider veins fade
Restores a normal sensitivity threshold to skin
Reduces instances of burning/prickling
sensations on skin
Thickened skin is softened
Elasticity, tone, & firmness are improved


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