The business plan of pharmacy in Ukraine



Details for potential Investors:

Location: Nosivka, Chernigov region,Ukraine

Investment funds:  36000-82500 Euros

1st year outcome:  120000 Euros

2nd year outcome:  255000 Euros

Anyone who intends to engage in the business, must have a clear idea about what he wants: a pharmacy, a classical pharmacy, the pharmacy of a mini-market with the further development and expansion to the network of pharmacies, or pharmacy. Assor-timent divided pharmacies for medicines and goods for health (parafarma-tsevtiku). Some companies prefer to engage in the implementation of a purely medical, and other stake on the increase in the range of skin care products, healthy pi-Tania, diagnostics and hygiene products for children. The fact that the licensing and implementation of the initial conditions of prescription drugs is only permitted pharmacies and pharmacy items. Kiosks also the nomenclature simply should not be present according to the Ministry of Health. Therefore, if an-techny kiosk will support only the range that is allowed to realization-tion – it would certainly be ineffective. Most likely, it will turn into a ma-Gazin pharmaceutical goods.


Consumer perceptions pharmacies rather conservatively. This is the place for prilav-com is a pharmacist and the question “Do you have something of a cough?” lists all the things on this topic. The introduction of new models may not always be adequately perceived by the consumer. Even the successful experience of foreign colleagues can not guarantee that it is in live-on local soil. Thus, some analysts have called the most common cause arose, Shih financial problems a few years ago in one of the pharmacy chains introduction of so-called American model, when sold primarily vitamins and supplements.

How fast can you open a new pharmacy.

By and large, you can open a pharmacy last month: find a place to make repairs, pick up personnel. But then begins one of the most time-consuming process – getting a license. Since the regional licensing commission is considering licensing every two weeks, andMoscow- once a month. If all goes well, after the Licensing Commission’s turn to the federal. At the adjudication it takes another two weeks. A week later, the creators of the pharmacy receiving increased domlenie-and only after this license. Plus, this is not done in a day-trial firefighters and SES. So in the end to create a complete turnkey pharmacy takes about two months, and have no professional can take up to six months for it, and even more.

The best location for the pharmacy – near crowds of people.

Certainly one of the most important factors in normal operation of the retail outlet is-etsya its location. After all, it depends on traffic, that is, cross-country clients comrade through your pharmacy. Hence, the forefront for a successful mestoraspolozhe-out of such factors as the nearby subway station, bus oc-SETTING, the highway. If there are shopping malls, stores and other places where people – this will only increase traffic to your pharmacy.

The success of the pharmaceutical business by 50 per cent depending on the location of pharmacies, 30 – from the staff who can work and talk to people, 10 – from a competitor, for walking side by side, plus the advertising policy and rates – it’s professional institu-blowing.

Cohesive team.

Create a good atmosphere in the team, that person was a pleasure to come to your workplace. It is impossible to achieve good sales, not having the outlet of a cohesive team. Because all the starting and ending with the Director-uborschi Tsei need to work on one goal. It very much depends on the head, it was he who sets the tone. Good shots – this is one of the most important factors for success. But a highly qualified specialist and should be accordingly. At segodnyash-making day inMoscowsalary of pharmacists in relation to 2001 grew on average by 80%. Jobs at drug stores require special education. Due to expansion, for example, a network of pharmacies demand for specialists with plans to open by year’s end more than 20 pharmacies estimated figure of 300. Pharmacists, according to Vlad ers pharmacies, now in short supply. The problem is compounded by the background of rapid-rhenium hundred staff.

Expand your range.

Offer customers a wide range of products. Should be presented as the latest foreign developments, as well as the good old domestic products – the demand for domestic medical and pharmaceutical goods remains high. They are cheaper than their foreign counterparts, in addition, people just got used to them. For example, “But, silos,” which has become obsolete in the world, people still remember and ask for a pharmacy. First and foremost, you need to focus on demand to any person who visited you in to a pharmacy, was satisfied.

In addition, along with drugs, you can enter in the sale of the pharmaceutical goods such as tools for skin care, herbal teas, juices, baby food, diapers, mineral water and so on.

Computer programs and what is necessary for good pharmacy.

There are a necessary minimum without which the pharmacy just will not get a license: the corresponding furniture, refrigerators, registered office, computer and software. In addition, it would be nice if the pharmacy will run air conditioning and other extras for employees and customers.

No modern computer programs effective work not only pharmacy but any point of sale is virtually impossible. Having a good computer pro-gram, you can track your order and the turnover of goods, cash-GOVERNMENTAL release funds for the purchase of new products and much more. So make sure to optimize your pharmacy ziruyte work with computer programs.

Price question

The cost of pharmacy in the first place, depends on the rental rate for the room, the other of its component – 20 percent of the cost of equipment. Rents, in turn, is directly dependent on the area in which to settle the new pharmacy. The cheapest area inMoscowto open a pharmacy – it’s east. There are low rents. The most expensive rentals, no doubt, in the heart of the capital. In the city average rental rates range from 2 thousand Euro (for a pharmacy with a low cross in the “failed” area) to 5000 per month. In the center of the square value. m of rentable area in the month starts from $ 100. The mind-cutter for 60 (minimum area of ​​the pharmacy) and get the amount you have to give-in a month. But at the same time, the center is not only prestige but also a high pass-dependence sufficiently secure and prosperous audience. True, the competition for this “fertile” land of the rather big.

But in the heart of a good room is extremely difficult to find. Frequently used mandatory condition for the pharmacy to create – at least three rental agreement and be sure to rent direct from the owner. And at the center typically there are any problems. When you open a pharmacy is a lease at an average of five years, because oku-paemost investments in this business – 2-3 years. With a good state of affairs can oku-pitsya and for the year, but an average of 2.5 years.

By analyzing all the costs (rents, staff salaries, utility payments, order goods and other costs), we conclude that in order to pharmacy paid off, she should sell the goods at 20-25 thousand rubles a day. If it’s sell-em more, it makes a profit. The turnover in the month just about to go to one million. Then we can talk about business success.

Returning to the cost, I must say that the most expensive pharmacy was open, “Maga-Zine investment” in Zhulebino. It was first opened our pharmacy, made her four-month tyre, and it cost the buyer about 60 thousand dollars. The most dese-ing remains second pharmacy, which opened in Novogireevo – 38 thousand.

The average pharmacy today to repair the premises will cost 45-50 thousand Euro. And not only in the amount of the rental rate.

As an additional service provided and accounting support.

Economy Pharmacy.

Investment costs for the creation of a pharmacy include:

What do we pay how much to pay (Euro)

Lease payments for the period of establishment (2 months) 5000-10000

Repair facilities 0-20000

Commercial equipment 6000-12000

Refrigeration Equipment 700-1000

Cash Equipment 2000-2500

Software 2500-3500

Additional Equipment 3000-4000

Permits and registration licenses for pharmaceutical activity 5500

Outdoor Signs 1500-3000

Other Expenses 1500-3000


Total: 28000-64500


Services for the organization, including selection of facilities, staffing, and consulting assistance 8000-18000



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