Artificial Cells for Tracking Cancer
This project will look at the development of artificial cells capable of identifying and targeting cancer cells. The project will build on recently developed new approaches in our groups whereby we have demonstrated it is possible for artificial cells to communicate with cancer cells thereby enabling them to make assessments of their local environment. In turn, when in close proximity to cancer cells these artificial cells release an onboard cargo that is designed to kill these cells. This approach differs substantially from previous philosophies that rely on disassembly of cargo carrier and instead offer a controlled delivery mechanism. This exciting project will cover a variety of areas ranging from microfluidics and microscopy through to membrane biophysics and cancer engineering.

Scientists have created artificial cells that mimic biological cells by responding to a chemical change in their surroundings.










July 29, 2019
Imperial College London


Artificial Cells for Tracking Cancer
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Artificial Cells for Tracking Cancer
Artificial Cells for Tracking Cancer


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