The process of rejuvenation of the body, which is currently offered by a number of clinics, is based on the theory that the introduction of an additional “portion” of germ cells will enhance regenerative processes and thereby slow down aging.

Modern clinics offer a revolutionary revitalization (rejuvenation) program, which allows you to stop the aging process and even rejuvenate the cells of the body without surgery and drug treatment. According to scientists, anti-aging therapy has a double effect:

immature cells that enter the body begin to actively work on the regeneration process, “renewing” aging organs and tissues;
the mechanism of rejuvenation is triggered by its own cells, which are produced by the bone marrow.
The revitalization process is of a phased nature. Initially, the work of the endocrine glands, liver, kidneys and other vital organs is getting better, as a result of which general vital functions are restored and tone is increased. As soon as the work of all organs is normalized, a person begins to see and feel the effect of rejuvenation, namely: the renewal of skin cells leads to the disappearance of wrinkles, the skin returns to its tone and healthy color. A person’s mood improves, sleep improves, immunity is strengthened and physical capabilities increase. Moreover, after injections of the “miracle” cells, the patients’ libido increases and their sexual function is activated, which means they feel young.

Practice shows that today anti-aging therapy is most in demand among people over 40, when a person begins to feel the first alarming “bells” of approaching old age. Nevertheless, specialists working with genetic material recommend that patients undergo a rejuvenation procedure, regardless of age, when they feel that the first signs of old age are beginning to overcome them, namely:

constant fatigue and fatigue;
decrease in physical and intellectual capabilities;
the appearance of chronic diseases (neuralgic pains, headaches, migraines);
insomnia and depression;
weakening of immunity;
decreased libido;
complications after diseases and operations.
In addition, revitalization helps those who are engaged in hard physical and mental work, who work without rest, and who are not ready to put up with the opinion that old age is a conscious inevitability.

Interestingly, according to experts from the Institute of Cell Therapy, there are absolutely no contraindications to this procedure. At the same time, literally a few injections of stem cells allow returning 7-10 years of a young, productive life!

This is confirmed by numerous reviews of patients who have undergone Anti-aging therapy. According to them, the revitalization course allows you to look much younger than your peers, and the tone of the body helps you forget about your real age!

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