Anti-Aging stem cells therapy in Germany.


Aging is a complex biological process in which cells become progressively damaged over time and eventually die. As we age, fewer and fewer cells are replaced, slowly wearing out our bodies. This means that over time the damage accumulated in our bodies will become so immense, that at one point the body will not be able to cope with it – ultimately leading to our death.

Environmental factors such as: exposure to sun – “solar radiation”, injuries, smoking, air and water pollution, etc., and genetics contribute to speeding up the process of aging as well.
Aging affects our skin negatively by disturbing the normal function of skin cells. A majority of diseases are a result of aging. Our skin cells experience enormous amount of damage on a daily basis. They are exposed to constant bombardment of tens of thousands harmful elements each day, causing irregular pigmentation (skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation) and loss of elasticity in skin.

Aging is involved in many other processes, such as accumulation of senescent cells, oxidative stress, immune and hormonal system changes. All of these factors contribute to increasing the risk of cancerous diseases.

Stem cells are the solution of the future, because they tackle the problem on a cellular level. Expensive beauty creams and cosmetics promise only temporary or superficial solutions to your aging problems. Most of them function by masking the processes of aging on the surface level, but never offer solid solutions to where aging really happens.

Latest research in regenerative science provides concrete evidence that aging actually takes place at the cellular level. This is where aging needs to be stopped!

Would you like to learn more about Stem Cell Treatment for Anti-Aging?

Clinic in Germany offers advanced and novel stem cell-based therapies for Anti-Aging and regeneration. Our treatments are potentially capable of repairing the effects of aging – effectively extending your life. They act on the cellular level, by optimizing and revitalizing the functions of your whole body, not just the surface. Our medical specialists make use of your own stem cells to rejuvenate you and make you feel young and powerful again!

We are the Science of a Younger You!


The medical diagnostics team at clinic will help you obtain a general idea of your body’s current health status by performing:

* In-depth medical history
* General physical exam
* Personalized clinical chemistry
(blood and urine)
* Cardio-vascular evaluation including
(EKG, Echocardiography, Cardio-CT, MRI, etc.)
* Cancer check with tumor markers
* Whole-body MRI
* Virtual colonoscopy
* Low-dose CT of the lungs (smoker)
* MR-mammography, etc.

Additional anti-aging treatments may include:

* Metabolic and body composition optimization
* Hormone optimization
* Antioxidation treatment
* Dietary optimization
* Personalized exercise program

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