For eighteen months Tablet with Android abundantly available to quickly disappear from the counter and do not justify the hopes of users and manufacturers. Was released only a decent sample – Galaxy Tab 10.1, which reached the top on-iPad’om. But it is doubtful whether even he intended to compete with iPad 2. Low operating system functionality, low iron – it seems that Amazon will sell knowingly “weak” device.

It became known that foreign Internet giant Amazon sent out an invitation to media conference to be held on the 28th of this month. The letter did not contain any targets for future meetings, but despite this, the experts unanimously believe: the meeting will be presented to the tablet, which is expected from Amazon for a year. This is not the first device, which is unbranded and submitted to Amazon, and a proprietary reader Kindle has already purchased thousands of fans.

But the expected new product will be quite different. Tablet will have a color touch screen 7 inch screen, OS, Android Honeycomb interface with Amazon, and the approximate price – just $ 250. That price, according to some experts, will contribute to its popularity.

We look forward to the conference from which we learn about the performance and technical characteristics of the tablet.

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