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September 5 by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ministry of Health mandated to tighten control activities related to the transplantation of organs, tissues, and certain types of human stem cells. Ask what does tourism? And despite the fact that it is due to the above activities Kiev today called the world capital of the so-called. medical tourism.

Just a decade ago about this concept and no one heard. Today in some countries, until recently, did not appear on the main pages of tourist guides, medical tourism has become almost budget-sector. So what is it? Who are medical tourists?

As a rule, very wealthy people with the signs of aging on the face and other body parts. And under the guise of presentable medical tourism refers to mainly stem therapy sessions the most radical, but banned in Western Europe and the U.S. method of rejuvenation. As a magic bullet in it are the embryonic stem cells, isolated from human embryos (to put it bluntly the victims of abortion). Or the language of embryology from the moment of fertilization type creatures Homo sapiens, than their parents, who have their own genetic code, dynamically evolving, revealing the potential inherent in his nature, and which we may call human beings at the embryonic stage of development (Uillke D. Uillke B. Love them both (Abortion: Questions and Answers.) Moscow, 2001. S. 327). Genetics also believe that a zygote (first cell, obtained by nuclear fusion of sperm and egg) already has a full genetic information of Homo sapiens, and, thus, is a man. In this modern embryology and genetics is quite in agreement with Christianity, who believes that the human soul arises at conception.

Already on day 18 of pregnancy in the fetal heartbeat first recorded egg, which after three days operates its own circulatory system. Fertilized egg a word of art professionals, family planning, which is hidden behind a child. Actually him and offer to remove women.

In 2004 was published pictures ultrasound 12 weeks the fetus is clearly sucking his finger and making the first steps inside the uterus. In the West, once inflamed the debate about the deadline of pregnancy, allowed by national legislation (France, Germany, Italy and the United States, they range from 12 to 14 weeks). Today, however, found that the first week in the embryo starts beating heart, and the third the hair grows.

When our hospitals the best in the world

While in Europe are ethical committee debates on the use of embryonic stem cells in the CIS, like mushrooms after rain there a regenerative center for others. Dissatisfied with the West demand creates supply in our country. Thus, stem therapy is not only significant external economic factors, but also the advertising of high medical standards. According to American experts, Frederick J. DeMikko, Mervina Ketrona and Owen Davies, author of the book Hospitality 2010: The Future of Hospitality and Travel, the main investor in this business are the state.

German online newspaper Telepolis world centers of regenerative therapies stem calls Russia, Dominican Republic, China, and especially Ukraine Mecca of Stem therapy, which has no problems with raw material human embryos. Thats why abortion in this country is not just popular, but even encouraged. No coincidence that in the Ukrainian capital Kiev is EmCell the worlds largest stem clinic therapy.

Indeed, according to UN statistics, every year more Ukrainian women make abortion (500-700 K) than having children (400 thousand) (

So what, did the Cabinet decided to do away with activities that encourage the murder of unborn Ukrainians, ruling that only the licensing and supervisory authority in the field of tissue and cell transplantation as a treatment is now established in the same Cabinet Coordination Centre transplants of organs, tissues and cells Ministry of Health?

Although subject to a rejuvenation under the category of treatment?

Whatever it was, director of the Alexander Kuharchuk assured 2000, that since the issuance of regulations in Ukraine stopped every kind of clinical work on embryonic stem cell transplantation. Including therapeutic! As they say, to find out. Namely to develop the order of conducting clinical trials of cell transplants and proper tests, as required by regulation. Simply put, all that flurry of activity, which wrote the Western media, pulled out of the shadows and ordered.



But it prohibits the use of embryonic stem cells to rejuvenate? Article 47 Principles of Legislation of Ukraine on Health states that the application of the method of transplanting organs from a donor to the recipient and other anatomical materials are provided that the use of other techniques and methods to sustain life, restore or improve health does not give the desired results. How do you last phrase? Who does not want to improve their health, up to eternal youth! Is that not the desired result? And unattainable by others (not at all) ways. But just for a radical improvement of health and focuses referred EmCell, offering rejuvenation with stem cells.

And she was not going to stop their activities, as is sure, Mr. Kuharchuk. Just now, in order to undergo rejuvenation EmCell, you only need to take his medical book and in it together with your doctor to find problem that requires immediate outpatient treatment. The good thing, the worlds largest Regenerative Clinic launched on the basis of medical departments of Kyiv Hospital 4, and an ambulance.

Of course, to detect possible contraindications of the method the patient should pass urine and blood (venipuncture). Although long-term experience of using stem cells for therapeutic purposes has not revealed any specific contraindications to the use of the method, in his appointment should be taken into account the patient medicines in some cases need to cancel or correct doses for several days after cell transplantation.

One of the pioneers of stem transplantation Professor Yuri Baltaytis conducted a study of side effects when administered stem cells according to the scheme of the World Health Organization Standard Toxicity Criteria. Consequences of the introduction of the cells were studied in 102 patients. At the 101st side effects were observed. One patient reported transient orthostatic (standing in the position of the body) disorder associated with technical error injection (rapid injection in the sitting position). Our analysis, on the one hand, clearly confirmed the safety of such therapy, and on the other showed how important it is strict adherence to procedures and the availability of trained personnel, says the professor.

With what-what, and with the qualifications of personnel in Ukraine, all in order. We the first is now in the stem cell treatment peremptorily declares Baltaytis. And its very origins stem therapy owes much to the Kharkov Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine. Initially, the task was founded in 1972 the institute was to develop technologies freezing biological samples for medical and agricultural use.

Today, specialists in Kiev EmCell the most published scholars in the field of stem therapy. The National Medical University named. Bogomoletz they are a special course for 5-6th course. In the same 4th Kiev hospital back in 91 for the first time in the world was made stem cell transplant patients with diabetes mellitus. So almost 20 years of research and practical experience of Kiev scientists a kind of guarantee of security. As for the known cases of disfiguring the face after cell transplantation, it made such, as a rule, in beauty salons and even at home.

Beauty the guarantee of health

Well, as we have free medicine, then as a payment for the customer offer to purchase health insurance at the Center for embryonic tissues EmCell. Cynicism in the insurance contract looks enumeration following exceptions to the insurance claims and limits of insurance: transplantation, removal of cosmetic defects, medical services related to pregnancy For citizens of Ukraine insurance cost 12 000 15 000 hryvnia. For foreigners at times, if not an order of magnitude more expensive. Incidentally, the magazine The Scientist ( as an additional source of foreign exchange indicates a five-star hotel services in hospitals stem therapy.

In Ukraine it is not so. EmCell booking of foreign patients in the usual hotel rooms and shuttle service meets their clinics and places. Even critically ill patients (the main activity of the clinic is still the real treatment of serious diseases).

Laundry stay in clinic is not required for one reason transplantation of cells the so-called one-time intervention, the patient spends in the hospital half a day and after dinner it is released. The advantage of the method it is absolutely not tolerated and bezbolznenno side effects. At the clinic the patient is administered intravenously, drip one or two containers of the cell suspension. In the same way as the saline solution. 40 minutes is on a drip and a couple of hours under supervision.

Just a day after a person feels that they have any additional forces. Comes some special clarity of mind something like a permanent sleep on it. Fast decision-making (and correct). Sleep is reduced by two to three hours, that does not prevent waking up completely refreshed all day and stay physically active.

More long effects are seen in a month or two. Man with overweight becomes more taut (away from the body of excess fluid and kidneys work better.) Muscles and connective tissues are made stronger. But abrupt changes can not be expected the cells only after a month fully incorporated into the work. It and to the point no time to notice the surrounding changes. Well said that looking good again. Therefore we can always get out, they say, rest.

So that the stem cells is really a miracle cure. And although the technology selection abortion material from the fetus is quite complicated, technology applications ingeniously simple. And if progress can save lives by transplantation of whole organs, then the same cells not please? Are asking the defenders of the method. All the more so for transplantation does not require the voluntary consent of a donor neither law nor society until a human fetus is not recognized.



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