Surrogacy in Ukraine

As you may know, Ukraine is one of the most desirable surrogacy destination in Europe.


The statistics says that about every 4-6 pairs in the world is barren, with half the cases due to certain diseases of the woman. That is why every year a surrogate mother in Ukraine becomes more and more popular and in demand “position”.

It should be noted that couples from around the world often look for surrogacy in Ukraine. This is due both to the responsibility and diligence of Ukrainian women, and to the relatively low price that a surrogate mother in Ukraine may require.
The Family Code of Ukraine, which entered into force on 01.01.2004, legalized surrogate motherhood, as a result of which Ukrainian legislation became one of the most favorable in the world for the passage of this type of programs. Its provisions state that:
Article 123. Birth of a child born out of the use of assisted reproductive technologies
In the case of the birth of a child by a child conceived as a result of the use of assisted reproductive technologies, carried out with the written consent of her husband, he is recorded by the father of the child. (Note: the article also applies in cases of traditional surrogate motherhood)
When transferring into the body of another woman embryo of a man conceived by spouses (male and female) as a result of the use of assisted reproductive technologies, the parents of the child are the spouses. (Note: the article is applied in cases of gestational surrogate motherhood)

Spouses are recognized as the parents of the child born by the wife after transferring into her organism the embryo of a person conceived by her husband and another woman as a result of the use of assisted reproductive technologies.
Under the law, surrima in Ukraine can provide its services on a non-commercial or commercial basis. In the first case, a woman agrees to the role of surrogacy mother free of charge, without receiving a fee. Nevertheless, she receives monthly the necessary amount for personal expenses, as well as the purchase of necessary medicines and payment of medical services.

In the case of a commercial contract form, the surrogacy mother in Ukraine receives a fee for the services provided, the amount of which is agreed in advance and individually for each case.

It is one of few states where the surrogacy is legally regulated and patients are recognized  as only parents of baby without mentioning the surrogate mother (or egg donor if applicable) on the birth certificate.

Ukrainian clinics has many years of experience of working in the field of reproductive health  for International Patients and are able to offer various programs such as surrogacy with egg donation in Ukraine,
surrogacy package (also known as self-cycle with patients own eggs),
surrogacy with frozen embryos, IVF with Egg Donation in Ukraine.

Egg Donors data base with wide-range of choices of the new Egg Donors and at the same time experienced ones with good donation history.

Ukraine is one few countries where the gender selection is legally allowed.

Ukrainian clinics have years of experience to work with skilled doctors on PGD technology at the modern standard and well-equipped labs.

Marriage certificate: The fact also is that in Ukraine surrogacy programs are available only for the officially married couples obtaining the marriage certificate. It is country’s legal requirement regarding the surrogacy cases and  cannot be notarize the contract between the patients and surrogate mother before the embryo transfer without the marriage certificate with Apostille stamp on it.

Medical report: All Intended parents who require surrogacy in Ukraine must provide clinic and Agency with medical reports/indication for surrogacy program, where will be mentioned exact diagnosis (absence of uterus, heart disease, etc) of Intended Mother as confirmation about her impossibility to carry a baby without help of Surrogate mother. For instance, if the female patient had 4 or more unsuccessful attempts, this is also the medical indication for surrogacy and the number of the IVF attempts must be indicated in the medical report.

If the female patient is under 42, she has to confirm the medical necessity of an Egg Donor which should also be indicated in the medical report. This could be poor ovary reserve, low AMH, etc.

This is country’s requirement stated in the Family Code and mentioned medical report confirms the patients’ eligibility for surrogacy program in Ukraine.




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