List of IVF clinics:

1 CJSC «Institute of Reproductive Medicine» 03148, Str. Baggoutovskaya 1

2 Clinic «ISIDAIVF» 03126, metro. Kyiv, Boulevard I. Lepse, 65

3 Clinic of Reproductive Medicine «Hope» Kyiv, Andrew’s descent, 28-A

4 Kyiv Institute of Reproductive Genetics Str. Zoological, 3

5 Clinical Genetics and Reproduction «Victoria»

6 issues of family planning clinic 03037, Kyiv, Ave Chervonozoryany, 17,

7 Ukrainian State Institute of Reproduction Kyiv, Heroes of Stalingrad Street, 16

8 Center for Human Reproduction «implant» 67052, C. Kharkiv, vul. Marx, 25

9 Centre for Reproductive Medicine «Sana-Med» Kharkiv,. Pushkinskaya, 43

10 Donetsk State Regional Center for Mother and Child 83114, Donetsk, etc.. Panfilov, 3

11 Medical Center for treatment of infertility «Isis, Don-IVF» 83017 Donetsk, ul.Ovnatanyana 16

12 Ukrainian-French Center for Reproductive Rights functions «SEVEN + I» 83045 Donetsk, ul. Sci. Theological, 3

13 Department of Reproductive Medicine Clinics «Genesis» Crimea, Simferopol, str. Semashko 8

14 Clinic of Reproductive Medicine «Remedy» 65009, Odesa, st. Pioneer, 30 / 3

15 «Carpathian Center for Human Reproduction» 76000 Ivano-Frankivsk, ul.Chornovola, 49

16 Gynaecologic Clinic «Dnepr-IVF» 49050 Dnipropetrovsk city .. Rybynska 119-120

17 Clinic of Reproductive Medicine «Intersono» 79057 Lviv, Str. Antonovich, 102

18 Zaporizhzhya Regional Rehabilitation Center for reproductive rights 69001, m.Kiev, str. Dyvnohorska, 5

19 Bukovinsky Center for Reproductive Medicine 58000 Chernivtsi, vul. Red Army, 226

20 «Department of Reproduction», Odessa State Medical University Clinic Odessa, st. Pasteur 9

21 «Academic Clinic» 04050 Str .. Manuil’s’kogo 8

22 Clinic Crimea State Medical University, Crimea, Simferopol, Calle. .. Boulevard Lenina 5 / 7

Physician part of the IVF program:

* Process of in vitro fertilization (ovulation stimulation, ultrasound, puncture, embryological stage embryo transfer into the uterus, a pregnancy control)

IVF program(medicines and treatment):

Additional services:


Preimplantation Diagnosis * –

* Hatching

* Cryopreservation of embryos

Example of terms:

IVF stimulation cycle with oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer (usually 3 o 5 días)

physician performance

stimulation, egg retrieval, anesthesia, embryo transfer, weekend use

o: physician performance without stimulation (for externally conducted ultrasound examinations)

Thaw cycle with transfer of pre-embryos

physician performance

stimulation, embryo transfer, weekend use

o: physician performance without stimulation (for externally conducted ultrasound examinations)


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