CRISPR Stem Cell Therapy

The innovative approach offers a simpler method of obtaining a valuable type of stem cells and provides important information in the process of reprogramming stem cells.

This is a new way to make induced pluripotent stem cells, which are fundamentally different from how they were created before .

Pluripotent stem cells can be converted into virtually any type of cell in the body. As a result, they are a key therapeutic resource for current incurable diseases, such as heart failure, Parkinson’s disease and blindness. They also provide excellent models for studying diseases and important tools for testing new drugs in human cells.

Scientists suggest another way to turn skin cells into stem cells, directly manipulating the genome using the methods of CRISPR gene regulation.

CRISPR is a powerful tool that can accurately modify a genome, targeting a unique DNA sequence. This sequence is then either completely cut out, or replaced, or temporarily turned on or off.



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