1M+ revenue German oncology company for sale

Privately owned pharmaceutical company, specialized in the field of oncology (generics, parenteral), strong in the private sector market with clinical phase IV studies. 5 products actively marketed, 4 products to be launched. The business model is marketing and selling to oncologist in Germany.
Production is outsourced to well-known and reliable CMOs. Supply chain is secured. Licensor agreed to extend territory to pan-Europe, if requested. Revenue 1M+, profitable, EBITDA 15%, 5 employees.
1,3 M Euro EBITDA Dermatology company in Italy for sale

Privately owned Italian pharmaceutical company founded in 2000, focused in dermatology field. Strong brands are amongst the most recommended by dermatologists in Italy. Product range of Cosmeceuticals, Medical Devices and Food Supplements for treatment of several dermatological pathologies. The Company has a team of 8 employees: a highly educated professional staff with substantial experience and are promoted by highly skilled 27 reps sales force (exclusive agents). Financials 2016 – 5.35M Euro revenue, 1.3M Euro EBITDA; 2017B 6.0M Euro revenue, 1.4M Euro EBITDA; 24% EBITDA margin, 15% annual revenue growth, 没有债务. Shareholders are willing to sell 100% of the shares
3,5 M Euro revenue Italian CMO for sale

Oral solids and liquids, pharmaceutical and Medical devices, 35 employees, 3.5 M Euro revenue, EBITDA <0
200 K Euro 收入品牌在德国撤资

德国激素替代疗法的 MA 和品牌 (HRT) 用于缓解更年期期间或之后的不适以及预防骨质疏松症. 待售产品是长期建立和销售的产品, 德国 MA 无限制, 没有到期 + 商标. 没有促销活动稳定的年收入 200.000 欧元. 产品在报销清单中. 与现有 CMO 合作或自行生产的可能性有待讨论. 库存可用于顺利的业务交易.
1M Euro revenue Hospital businesses in Spain for sale

The company registers and distributes high quality pharmaceutical products (contrast agents for X-ray, CT and MRI) in an exclusive agreement; it holds own MAHs and Brands for the Spanish market and distributes these products to the hospitals. The company is about to launch a new generation of radiological products in the Spanish market, as well as registering and commercializing new oncology diagnostic products 10 people, 7 of which are sales force covering different regions. Annual revenue app. 1 M Euro, gross margin approximately 55%.
13M+ USD growing profitable Pharmaceutical Company for sale in Brazil

Privately owned pharmaceutical company based in Brazil that produces and commercializes pharmaceutical products with its own brands. ANVISA approved plant, where it has registered 31 products. Sales: Liquids 62%, Solids 25%, Semisolids 13%; Distribution of Sales: OTC – 37%, Phytopharmaceuticals – 29%, Generic drugs – 17%, 42.500 m2 of industrial space recently acquired and approved by ANVISA for industrial use. Regional Tax Incentives: reduction of 75% of Income Tax for 10 年, between other fiscal incentives for industrials. Revenues 2016: 43.5 M Reals (13M+ USD), EBITDA 2016: 4.7 M Reals (1.4 M USD), 330 Employees: Sales CAGR 2006-2016 12%
25M+ Euro revenue profitable European company for sale

Fast growing pharmaceutical sales & marketing group with ca. 20 employees, product portfolio of 150 high quality Rx and OTC products (mostly EU CTD dossiers produced in EU GMP plants), therapeutic categories – 三分之一的感染者发展为三级疾病, cardiovasculars, 肿瘤学, gastroenterology, respiratory, pain management, 骨质疏松症, allergology, infectiology, 大约 600 MAs already granted globally, additional 50 MAs pending under ongoing regulatory procedures, main operations in Germany, also in EU markets: 英国, 丹麦, 波兰, 荷兰, 葡萄牙, 意大利, 西班牙, other and international sales in 33 国家. Cooperating with selected top-notch manufacturers in Europe and Asia. EU GMP and Wholesaler License, EU Import License, no real estate, no production plant, no bank loans, no pension liabilities. 25M Euro revenue; 1.8M Euro EBITDA for 2017 with a carefully selected product portfolio.
8M Euro revenue profitable pharma company for Sale in West Europe

The company manages the marketing, selling and distribution of pharmaceutical/medical supplies and devices in the several markets of North Western Europe. 这 8 million euro business growing and profitable business. Pharmaceuticals/devices currently represented include injectables, infusions, tablets and devices addressing the areas of pain management, womens reproductive health, fungal infection and thyroid conditions. Besides managing their own products, the company also represents international organisations that do have not have a local marketing, 销售和分销代表. 公司没有自己的生产工厂.
欧盟 GMP 在西班牙经营注射剂制造工厂出售

盈利且不断增长的 CDMO (合同开发 & 制造组织) 有售. 15 employees, 自己的土地 (5.000 平方米), 建筑 (2.000 平方米), 设备, 没有债务. 玻璃容器制造, PP容器, PP袋, 灌溉解决方案. 新产品 3 眼科线 (单剂量和多剂量) 欧盟 GMP 批准预计在 2017.
18+ M Euro 盈利不断增长的巴西 ANVISA 分销商待售

Based in So Paulo, Specialised in the field of otorhinolaryngology and orthopaedic, represents two of the largest global suppliers with exclusivity in the Brazilian market. Clients of the company are mainly private (95%) 传播 5% of government buyers. Its strategic position in the Brazilian market is coupled by a solid image in the medical profession and clients with unblemished reputation and tradition for over 30 年. Growing annual revenue: 2016 – 14.7 M Euro, EBITDA (26%) 3.8 M Euro, 90 employees, 没有债务, net cash 1.5 M Euro. Motivation for sale: evaluating other business scenarios.
3.7+ USD profitable growing PICS GMP plant in Indonesia for sale

建立在 1984, PICS GMP running (last approval in 2016) manufacturing plant in Jakarta, 印度尼西亚 5,167 平方米. of land, 3,184 平方米. of building and new machines installed in 2014 和 2015.
3 business divisions: 泛型, Specialty and Herbal. Total of 164 SKUs.
Market leader for Anti-inflammatory product covers 60+% of anti inflammatory products in Indonesia.Products are distributed to cities in 31 provinces in Indonesia through 23 distributors, such as Kimia Farma, Tempo, and Mensa Bina Sukses. Parcipating in government tenders. Production capacity 1 M tablets / day will be increased with the new machines. 50% is used capacity at the moment. 135 employees, Assets 11.4 M USD, Annual revenue 3.7 M USD, EBITDA 22%,
Seeking to sell pharmaceutical company or brand divestment ?

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