Stebelna celica applications in bone and tooth repair and regeneration

The exploration of stem and progenitor celice holds promise for advancing our understanding of the biology of tissue repair and regeneration mechanisms after injury. This will also help in the future use of stem cell therapy for the development of regenerative medicine approaches for the treatment of different tissue-species defects or disorders such as bone, cartilages, and tooth defects or disorders. Bone is a specialized connective tissue, with mineralized extracellular components that provide bones with both strength and rigidity, and thus enable bones to function in body mechanical supports and necessary locomotion process. New insights have been added to the use of different types of stebelna celica in bone and tooth defects over the last few years. In this concise review, we briefly describe bone structure as well as summarize recent research progress and accumulated information regarding the osteogenic differentiation of stebelna celica, as well as stem cell contributions to bone repair/regeneration, poškodbe ali bolezni kosti, in tako obnova in regeneracija kosti in hrustanca. We also discuss advances in the osteogenic differentiation and bone regeneration of dental and periodontal stebelna celica as well as in stem cell contributions to dentine regeneration and tooth engineering.


kosti; regeneracija in inženiring; stebelna celica; popravilo tkiva; zob

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matične celice terapija


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