Stem Cell Treatment in Ukraine


ウクライナにおける幹細胞療法 now a promising direction of medicine based on the application of the regenerative potential of the body’s Stem Cells with the aim of treating a wide range of complex diseases and rehabilitation after traumas received, as well as to combat premature aging of the organism.

Treatment with stem cells in Ukraine was introduced in practice 20 years ago, and in a number of numerous studies data were received on the positive effect of such an approach in the treatment of more than a hundred serious diseases, and in some of them it is practically the only method of treatment.

stem cell therapy in ukraine

Mesenchymal stem cells
An important (and relatively rare) adult population of the adult organism, multipotent mesenchymal stem cells (MSCは), has a wide range of potential applications in regenerative medicine. MSCs are excreted from the blood or bone marrow and adipose tissue. 骨髄とは異なり、, blood or fat tissue is more accessible for the isolation of cells.

Stem cells are capable of differentiation into adipocytes, chondrocytes, cardiomyocytes, osteocytes, neurogenic cells. 加えて, stem cell therapy in Ukraine of this type contributes to the effective recovery of the body.

Using of autologous (own cells of the patient) 幹細胞, the need to search for and obtain donor biomaterials for treatment disappeared, as well as the need for immunosuppressive therapy (stem cells have an immunosuppressive effect on cells of the immune system).

Using of stem cells theray in Ukraine in the treatment of various diseases

Stem Cell therapy is used to limit the spread of the myocardial ischemia zone and restore the functional properties of the heart muscle that has undergone cicatricial changes.
Own stem cells when introduced into the body work to restore the glands of internal secretion, which for some reason were damaged or destroyed.
Mesenchymal stem cells are taken as the basis for the development of new methods of treatment of severe neurological diseases of the person (アルツハイマー病, パーキンソン病, degenerative CNS pathology, head and spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases are not the whole list).
ウクライナにおける幹細胞療法 are used in the treatment of the most severe ophthalmic diseases (glaucoma, macular degeneration, taperotinal abiotrophy, 等), with traumatic eye injuries, stem cells activate regenerative processes in the retina.
In orthopedics, stem cell therapy in Ukraine allows you to regenerate damaged areas of bone, 軟骨, tendons and ligaments. In many cases, it is realistic to stop the development of the disease, restore the damaged area and avoid surgical intervention associated with implantation of the artificial joint.
加えて, to date, very active use of stem cell therapy in stimulating self-healing of damaged bone tissue. After injection of stem cells, a significant acceleration of the regeneration rate is observed. In addition to regenerative processes, stem cells exert an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, providing a significant reduction in patient pain.

Stem Cells are used by periodontists: new medical technologies for regeneration of periodontal tissues based on the use of platelet auto-mesoconcentrate (AMC-therapy), (growth factors isolated from patient’s platelets) have been developed today. The main effect of AMC is based on local stimulation of regeneration processes in tissues.


Stem cell therapy is actively used in the treatment of damaged gum tissues, areas of implant placement or bone grafting, in the zone of sinus-lifting, the socket of the removed tooth, in the zone of osteosynthesis or the established membrane, in the maxillofacial zones of soft tissues during acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory processes .

The number of stem cells obtained from various sources for therapy is not sufficient to begin treatment, so, their cultivation in a specialized laboratory is required.

Then, stem cells are injected into the patient’s body intravenously.

Patient can feel the improvement already within the first week after the procedure. After 1-1.5 ヶ月, immunity, liver function is restored, hemopoiesis, immune system is strengthened.

Stem cells actively divide, releasing a significant amount of biologically active substances, accelerating metabolic reactions in tissues and activating functions of already existing highly specialized cells.

In the case of the using stem cells, traditional (surgical, medicamental) treatment is supplemented with a powerful, effective and natural toolas a result, stem cell therapy in Ukraine can be carried out both as monotherapy and as additional therapy.

Advantages of Stem cell treatment in Ukraine

Stem Cell Treatment in Ukraine is a natural way of regaining health.
Stem cell therapy is painlessstem cells are administered to the patient intravenously
Human stem cells do not cause rejection reactions.

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