August 16-19, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


The transition from the estimated funding agencies to finance public-sector services



24-27 August 2018 ~St Petersburg,


Accounting autonomous institution



August 22-25, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Reforming public institutions: the legal, financial and organizational issues



九月 2018 ~MoscowManege

Russian Forum

Health of the Nationthe basis of prosperity of Russia



九月 5-9, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Entrepreneurship fiscal health facilities in terms of reforming the



九月 5-9, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,

Public Seminar Training

Dossier production site (サイトマスターファイル)

Practice-based approach to


九月 7-10, 2018 ~Moscow

International Conference and Scientific and Practical School

New horizons in the treatment of cancer gastrointestinal stromal tumors



九月 8-10, 2018 ~Sochi

Sci-business program and the associated exposure

The medical director of the XXI century


九月 8-10, 2018 ~Sochi

All-Russian Scientific and Practical Seminar

The reproductive potential ofRussia. Versions and kontraversii

for obstetricians and maternity services managers


九月 12-15, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Enforcement actions and verification of health



九月 12-16, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Nachmeda role in the health facilities and health policy-making institutions



九月 15-16, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,

IV-th Saint-Petersburg International Festival of Medical Research





九月 19-23, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Features of state orders in the light of the Federal Law № 94-FZ




九月 19-23, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


The current and new arrangements for medical examinations and the examination of professional fitness workers




九月 19-23, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Examination of temporary disability




九月 19-23, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Examination of the quality of care




九月 19-23, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


Staffing in health care



九月 27-30, 2018 ~Moscow, Crocus Expo

XII All-Russian Scientific Forum


XIII International specialized exhibitionHealth of Mother and Child


九月 28-29, 2018 ~Chelyabinsk, business hotelParkCity

Exit plenum Noghri

New diagnostic technology treatment of digestive diseases for physicians and gastroenterologists

Part-time thematic cycle of Postgraduate Education


28 – 九月 29, 2018 ~Ryazan, Congress HotelForum

Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference

Diagnosis and treatment of anemia in the XXI century


10月 6-7, 2018 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

IX Scientific Conference

Infectious diseases and antimicrobial agents


10月 6-7, 2018 ~Moscow, I-st ​​MGMU

Scientific-practical conferenceworkshop with international participation

The test isdissolutionin the pharmaceutical field

Current approaches, concepts and biopharmaceutical aspects



10月 8-10, 2018 ~Novosibirsk, House of Scientists

II International Scientific Conference

Post-genome analysis techniques in biology, laboratory and clinical medicine


10月 11-12, 2018 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding


Dermatovenereology and Beauty: a synthesis of science and practice


10月 17-21, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


The organization of the diagnostic laboratory (the quality of laboratory diagnostics through quality control)




10月 18-21, 2018 ~Moscow, Crocus Expo

VI All-Russian Congress of the Russian Association of Professional Ultrasound in Medicine


24-29 10月 2018 ~Germany

International Exhibition of ingredients, components, intermediate products and auxiliary products for the pharmaceutical industry

CPhI Worldwide



10月 27-29, 2018 ~Sochi

Specialized Exhibition

Spa Medicine


More ..

10月 27-29, 2018Sochi

XII Exhibition

EXPOMED – 2018


More ..

十一月 3-4, 2018 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

V Scientific Conference

Modern Hematology. Problems and Solutions


十一月 8-11, 2018 ~Moscow, NTsAGiP

Hormone-associated over-eases: from new research activi-rd to the single proton of kolam

All-Russian Conference with international participation of Gynaecological Endocrinology and Menopause


十一月 16-18, 2018~Kazan

All-Russian Scientific and Practical Seminar

The reproductive potential ofRussia:Kazanreading

for obstetricians and maternity services managers


10月 20-21, 2018 ~St. Petersburg,


III-e Vinogradov Readings

HIV infection and immunosuppressiona commitment to treatment and HIV farmakorezistentnost


十一月 22-25, 2018~Moscow, NTsAGiP

IV All-Russian Congress

Anesthesia and resuscitation in obstetrics and neonatology



十一月 23-24, 2018 ~Moscow, GCIzmailovo

All-Russian scientific-practical conference

Current issues in pediatric rehabilitation



十一月 23-24, 2018~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

V Scientific Conference

Endocrinological aspects of pediatric



12月 2018 ~Moscow

All-Russian scientific-practical conference

Society, state, and medicine for the elderly


8th Global Forum


Clinical Research in Cardiology



12月 4-7, 2018 ~Irkutsk, SibEkspoTSentr

XVIII Exhibition

Sibzdravoohranenie. Dentistry 2011


A joint course for young doctors and specialists in related fields of gastroenterology

Digestive diseases and early diagnosis of cancer in the metabolic syndrome



12月 6-8, 2018 ~ Ekaterinburg, CMTE

II-nd Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Urals with international participation

The main objectives of the service of mother and child health care plans of modernization

III-rd International ExhibitionChild and Mother. Ekaterinburg 2011 ”



12月 12-13, 2018


IV National Congress of Social and Clinical Psychiatry

Modernization of psychiatric servicesa necessary condition to improve public mental health

(Organizational, therapeutic and preventive aspects)


12月 15-16, 2018 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding


Health capital



16-23 1月 2019 ~Vienna,オーストリア

Traditions and new directions for the European pharmaceutical industry

Christmas Ball pharmacists inVienna



1月 17-20, 2019 ~Moscow, NTsAGiP

VI International Congress on Reproductive Medicine


1月 20-26 2012 ~Vienna,オーストリア

Traditions and new directions for the European pharmaceutical industry

Christmas Ball pharmacists inVienna


1月 27 – 2月 2, 2019 ~Vienna,オーストリア

DoctorsBall inVienna



16 – 17 2月 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

I Congress of Trauma and Orthopaedic

Traumatology and Orthopedics of the capital. The Present and Future



2月 28 – 行進 1, 2019~Moscow, HotelRadisson Slavyanskaya

XIII All-Russian Scientific and Educational Forum

Cardiology 2019



1 – 行進 2, 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

XXXVIII session TsNIIGastroenterologii XII Congress of the Scientific Society of Gastroenterologists Russia

Pathology of the digestive system and its associated diseases. Problematic issues and solutions



6 – 行進 7, 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

IV Scientific Conference

Current issues of Respiratory Medicine



13 – 14 行進 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

VIII Congress of theMoscowCityEndocrinologists




行進 20-23, 2019 ~Moscow, Crocus Expo

II All-Russian Congress with international participation

Outpatient practice: Problems and Prospects


26-30 行進 2019 ~Moscow, NTsAGiP

All-Russian Congress with international participation

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases



行進 27-29, 2019 ~Moscow, Crocus Expo


XVII Scientific Conference

High Technology and Modernization in laboratory medicine

ExhibitionLaboratory diagnosis of 2019


27 – 28 March 2019~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding


Scientific-practical conference

Fundamental and practical urology



行進 30-31, 2019 ~Baku,Azerbaijan

I International Scientific and Practical Conference

Current issues of Medicine


5 – 四月 6, 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

X Scientific Conference

Nosocomial infections in hospitals in various fields, prevention and treatment of complications



かもしれません 17 – 18 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

V Scientific Conference

Modern technologies and methods for diagnosing various disease groups, laboratory analysis



24 – 25 かもしれません 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

X Scientific Conference

Pharmacological and physical methods of treatment in otorhinolaryngology



かもしれません 30 – 六月 1, 2019 ~Moscow, Crocus Expo

IV All-Russian forum with international participation

Meddiagnostika 2019


六月 2019 ~Moscow

Regional Science Forum


Together with the plenary session of the Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists


六月 2019 ~Moscow,MoscowGovernmentBuilding

Visit the international exhibition of ingredients, components, intermediate products and auxiliary products for the pharmaceutical industry

CPhI China 2019



六月 4-7, 2019 ~Moscow, NTsAGiP

XXV International Congress of Endoscopy course

New technologies in diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases


X Scientific Conference

Patient safety in anesthesiology and intensive care