Parlando in generale, ogni persona ha un midollo osseo e sviluppa cellule per tutta la vita per aggiornare il sangue.


In una persona sana (donatore), il midollo osseo (sotto forma di sospensione cellulare) viene prelevato chirurgicamente e trasferito nel corpo . The main point in this procedure is the transfer of healthy stem cells to the patient’s body. Actually for this purpose this procedure also is made.


Because mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are able to differentiate into many types of human tissues and have a huge potential for use in regenerative medicine. Simply , stem cells entering the patient’s blood begin to restore (regenerate) the body.


Studies have shown that mesenchymal stem cells of fatty tissue (MSC VT) and bone marrow (MSC KM) under identical growth conditions in vitro demonstrate almost identical morphological, immunophenotypic and colony-forming properties.

però, in a comparative analysis of the properties of stem cells obtained from similar in age and health condition of donors, scientists have found that effective regulation of the immune system requires a lower dose of MSC VT than MSC KM to achieve the same effect on cells of the immune system.

È stato inoltre stabilito che le cellule staminali mesenchimali del tessuto adiposo sono molto più importanti delle cellule staminali del midollo osseo che hanno un effetto immunomodulante che è particolarmente importante nello sviluppo di malattie autoimmuni.

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terapia con cellule staminali

Il midollo osseo, chiamato anche ematopoietico o rosso, è uno dei principali organi dell'emopoiesi, che si trova principalmente nel corpo (diafisi) delle ossa – la maggior parte nel corpo nelle ossa pelviche, costole e sterno. The number of mesenchymal stem cells in the bone marrow of an adult does not exceed 0.005-0.01%.

To obtain bone marrow a preliminary thorough medical examination of the patient’s condition is required to make sure that he is able to endure such a serious procedure. The stage takes several weeks, and its price varies within 10-20 thousands USD.

The procedure for obtaining bone marrow is standard for all types of transplantation (autologous and allogeneic). Bone marrow is extracted with a special needle from the ileum of the pelvis or sternum under general or local anesthesia. For one aspiration, without damaging the patient’s health, you can take only 30-50 ml.

Complications after the procedure are manifested, as a rule, in pain and discomfort at the puncture site. There is also a weakness and loss of strength due to loss of bone marrow. Recovery is individual and usually takes from a few weeks to a month.

The postoperative period is the most difficult, dangerous and costly. The patient constantly needs very expensive drugs and long-term care. One of their complex and expensive is to create conditions for the patient in the form of a special ward or room (sterile conditions) to protect against infections that threaten the patient due to weakened immunity.

Prices for treatment with MSK KM depend on the source of the bone marrow. At autologous transplantation of own cells, the price varies in the range of 60-100 000 Dollaro statunitense. With allogeneic transplantation (the material is obtained from an extraneous donor or relative), the price may exceed 150 000 Dollaro statunitense.

Fatty tissue is currently the safest and most reliable source of mesenchymal stem cells. Unlike bone marrow, the number of MSC VT is from 1 a 5%, in contrast to the bone marrow, where these cells are 0.005-0.01%. The most rich in stem cells is the abdominal region.

The process of sampling adipose tissue is simple and minimally invasive. Fat (lipoaspirate), a volume of 10-100 ml is obtained by miniliposuction in the abdominal area under local anesthesia.

The procedure consists in evacuating the fat under negative pressure with a special device. A small puncture in the skin heals in a few days, leaving no scars on the skin, or any other traces.

The price of treatment with own mesenchymal stem cells of adipose tissue, in contrast to treatment with MSK KM, is several times lower.

The resulting mesenchymal stem cells are administered intravenously to the patient. When introducing stem cells from the bone marrow, only the amount that was taken from the donor is administered. When you take and grow stem cells of their adipose tissue, the therapeutic dose may not be one, much the way these cells are easily grown in the laboratory and, if necessary, the cells could be re-injected many times

Usually MENOPAUSE ANTI-AGING treatment consists of three injections, which is much more effective than a one-time injection of stem cells from the bone marrow.

At present, in the world, cell therapy with mesenchymal stem cells of adipose tissue is gaining in popularity. The method of fat production is much less painful and less invasive than bone marrow aspiration, and can not lead to complications, as it often happens after the procedure of aspiration of the bone marrow.

Also important is the price of the procedure for obtaining mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue (MSC VT), which, due to ease of implementation, is ten times lower than a similar procedure for obtaining from the bone marrow.

In this way, la terapia cellulare con cellule staminali mesenchimali autologhe è una vera e propria procedura alternativa al trapianto di midollo osseo

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terapia con cellule staminali