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Bonnes pratiques cliniques

Bonnes pratiques cliniques

La description: 
The tripartite harmonised ICH Guideline was finalised under Étape 4 in May 1996. This Good Clinical Practices document describes the responsibilities and expectations of all participants in the conduct of clinical trials, including investigators, monitors, sponsors and IRBs. GCPs cover aspects of monitoring, reporting and archiving of clinical trials and incorporating addenda on the Essential Documents and on the Investigator's Brochure which had been agreed earlier through the ICH process.
la mise en oeuvre: 
Étape 5
Adopted by CPMP, juillet 1996, issued as CPMP/ICH/135/95/Step5, Explanatory Note and Comments to the above, issued as CPMP/768/97
Adopted March 1997, PAB Notification No. 430, MHLW Ordinance No. 28
Published in the Federal Register, 9 Mai 1997, Vol. 62, Non. 90, p. 25691-25709

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GCP стандарт

Стандарт GCP («Good Clinical Practice», Bonnes pratiques cliniques , GOST R 52379-2005) — международный стандарт этических норм и качества научных исследований, описывающий правила разработки, проведения, ведения документации и отчётности об исследованиях, которые подразумевают участие человека в качестве Lire la suite…

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