ATLS certificate course

This on-line ATLS Test Preparation course includes:

1.    Introduction, objectives, and course requirements

2.    200+ Cases, Q&A

3.    Unlimited Practice Tests

4.    Final Exam and certificate of completion (in case this course is a pre-requisite for other training).

NBScience is FOCUSED on one objective with our courses: to give clinicians the background material and tools necessary to pass exams – in this case, the certification exam for Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS).    This course is not for Trauma CME nor does it confer an ATLS card.

Course Objectives include:

1.    Understanding of the 9 major sections covered in the ATLS exam.

2.    Over 200 cases, Q&A.

3.    Unlimited practice tests from a question bank of 200+ questions.

4.    Final Exam certificate of completion (in case this course is a pre-requisite for other training).

NBScience  ATLS Test Preparation course includes 200+ cases and Q&A necessary to become comfortable with the material on the ATLS exam – and the means to study at your own pace until you are comfortable with your performance on practice tests. 


Benefits of NBScience Training and the  online learning platform

1.Instructor and Institutional Surveillance: Instructors and institutions can easily monitor all student activity in courses (when a group of student access rights are purchased in bulk).  This can enablecompliance programs.

2.Instructor Experience:  NBScience’s online medical education is developed by practicing physicians in combination with leading instructors in the field who have many years of experience.  These physicians, medical directors and instructors have recognized specific needs for this kind of online training – which is more robust than the usual e-learning modules – and much more practical, inexpensive, and focused than most live training.

3.Database-driven:  Unlike most online training, students can leave a course and come back later to resume their studies – over weeks and months – because NBScience’s online learning is built in a persistent database.

4.Collaboration Capabilities:  The NBScience learning content management system (lcms) allows course developers, instructors and students to collaborate in novel ways – from the creation of courses by teams in remote locations to the teaching of courses to students who are spread out, NBScience’s lcms allows for about any kind of collaboration on courses and content that you can imagine.

5.Content Enhancements from Database Platform: Because NBScience courses are built in a robust lcms (database-driven), we can add content (e.g. in the “library”) for use during or after courses, we can create custom pre- and post-tests, we can report on specific results (e.g. pre- vs. post-test results on specific questions), we can invite participants to other courses or events in specific portions of a course or content (e.g. in the pharmacology or antidote section, invite students to take surveys on drugs – for cash), etc.